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I have been really digging the game as of late and would love to hear the bombcasts in which they talk about Bayonetta.

it would be a huge help thanks!

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2010 GOTY podcasts.

Or maybe it was 2009...

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There is one where Vinny talks about it and I can't seem to find it

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One I found by searching for the term "Bayonetta" on the Bombcast page. I'll probably listen to it later, too, since that game is pretty sexy. I'm sure some of the 2010 GOTY podcasts have some discussion about Bayonetta, too.
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@rjayb89: Thanks I will use that feature more often now, didn't know it existed. I am playing it on the PS3 and for all the hate I have heard for that version it is still fantastic. I am having more fun playing it than almost any of the PS3 games I have played so far.
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They definitely talked about it a bunch on the GOTY podcasts. Nearly every day, at that...