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In the spirit of all the end-of-the-year community lists I thought I'd reach out and ask:

What were your favourite Bombcast moments of the year?

I really enjoyed Jeff's mind being blown when Brad tells him you can stack fruit in the new Animal Crossing.

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When Brad Muir came on the podcast in place of Brad Shoemaker and uttered the iconic phrase, "Emails". It brought a great big smile to my face.

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I don't know that there were many good moments this year.

But still, 10-30-12 has to be the best Bombcast in the world ever in the existence of mankind. That one is something else.

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@grissefar: is that the Vinny Spectacular? Cause, yeah, that one, omg.

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Yeah, both Vinnycasts this year were the best.

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Jeff telling the story about going to the AVN and meeting Tom Byron.

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Anyone know when the best of podcasts come out?

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@sterling said:

Anyone know when the best of podcasts come out?

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@noizy: Not what I am talking about. I am talking about the Best of People, that compile a best of the year in a podcast.

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@sterling: The This Year In podcasts typically release the Giant Bomb episode on New Years Day.

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The Ryan Davis memorial episode(s).

Helped everyone get through some hard times.


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Today's bombcast

vinny is a moon
vinny is a moon

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The Vinnycasts were great!

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In one of the E3 podcasts, Brad said 'Darl souls? I'm dark sold!' in a great 1940s radio voice or something.

I was listening to it while playing a game (I think FIFA) and I had to pause it because I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard.

I would like to hear it again though as it may not have been as funny as I remember it, considering nobody else seems to have ever remembered it, but there is too much E3 content to sift through and find it. I hope it shows up in the best of podcast.

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Talking about the eShop rabbit

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I can't remember which episode it was from but it was about Jeff and Vinny talking about ordering pizza online and the evolution of technology facilitating it or something along those lines. I know Domino's was involved. (When isn't it) All I remember is hearing that bit and crying on the bus from laughing so much.

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The Vinnycast when he found a replacement Brad

Also the E-shop rabbit segment was brilliant

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Vinny's response when asked about discless gaming made me laugh out loud in the middle of the street. Best moment of 2013 for me.