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So I've always wanted to make one of those Animated Bombcast videos and listening to the emails from last weeks Bombcast made me take the plunge.

  I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for the feature Duders!

The next Animated Excerpt is out now!
#2 Posted by Nightriff (5660 posts) -

It's awesome, great job duder

#3 Posted by DaemonBlack (342 posts) -

I love these. Please do more.

#4 Posted by Ravenlight (8011 posts) -

7:04 - Best use of photobombing Brad yet!

#5 Posted by Phatmac (5731 posts) -

This is great!

#6 Posted by dcgc (880 posts) -

Awesome, nice job.

#7 Posted by Bane122 (834 posts) -

Well done! I've not seen one of these videos in a while but they always make me laugh. A suggestion if you do more, though: what about using that art of Patrick someone around here recently that looks like the other review artwork? Hot Dog Tricky is great but I'd think you could get more out of those other ones.

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#9 Posted by BRYN (89 posts) -
@Bane122: If you could find them for me I would definitely consider it.
Also thanks for all the kudos guys!
#10 Posted by Ramoramopo (5 posts) -

I heard that.

#11 Posted by Jayzilla (2581 posts) -

Loved it. I would have liked to see Ryan doing bumps off a table with his hand nose though. and Vinny getting a hand(nose) job with his nose on his hand.

#12 Posted by pyromagnestir (4350 posts) -

Ecstasy shot!

#13 Posted by DeanoXD (636 posts) -

OK dude that was fucking funny and props to your mad talent.

#14 Posted by LiquidPrince (16297 posts) -

Awesome man. Amazing. You are now one of my favorite users. MORE. Seriously though, you put in a good amount of effort and didn't just use the static images.

#15 Posted by Getz (3227 posts) -

I almost didn't click it but I'm glad I did. Purty good.

#16 Posted by Indiana_Jenkins (402 posts) -

Amazing. You did a quality job.

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@BRYN said:

@Bane122: If you could find them for me I would definitely consider it. Also thanks for all the kudos guys!

Here's the Patrick thread: http://www.giantbomb.com/patrick-klepek/72-100074/its-cartoon-review-patrick/35-550457/

Edit, for some reason it won't let me post it as a link.

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#19 Posted by BRYN (89 posts) -
@Bane122 and @TehFlan
Thank you. I also found the Alex one too. I'll see if they work with whatever I do next.
Yeah I didn't want to solely rely on the still images because they only tell so many emotions, so I doctored a few of them together to get a bit more out of them.
Coincidentally, Brad & Vinny and Ryan & Jeff are similar enough to each other that I could mix their poses together.
Also I didn't want the background to be black because it hides the character outlines (like Jeff's hair).
#20 Posted by Bane122 (834 posts) -

@TehFlan said:

@Bane122 said:

@BRYN said:

@Bane122: If you could find them for me I would definitely consider it. Also thanks for all the kudos guys!

Here's the Patrick thread:

Either I'm crazy or you didn't link to it. Whatever the case, http://www.giantbomb.com/patrick-klepek/72-100074/its-cartoon-review-patrick/35-550457/

Yeah, I'm not sure what's up with that. When I put the link in the window that pops up, nothing appears. And if I use Parchment v1 the link window is grayed out.

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Never stop.


#22 Posted by yyZiggurat (1034 posts) -

That was really great, BRYN. You used their images nicely. I'm looking forward to the next one.

#23 Posted by probablytuna (3964 posts) -

Freaking awesome, that's probably one of the longest Bombcast animations I've seen. Must have taken you a long time to make it, good job!

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Your other vids are umm kinda weird, but this one is awesome! Can you PLEASE do a vid about the recent jukebox tolling by patrick and his rookie friend.

#25 Posted by BRYN (89 posts) -
@probablytuna: Thanks! I went with Bombcast fashion and kept it long. That and the whole emails segment sort of ran together and would have felt wrong If I cut it off. Took a few nights, and not as long as I would have expected actually.
@bigsmoke77: I only have a few edited videos on my channel. The others are just quick iPhone videos I made for my friends who are subscribed.
I do plan on making another Animated Excerpt though. I have a different edited video I'm making before that, but it's taking a bit longer then expected. But once that's done, I'll dive back into the Bombcast front!
Thanks again everyone for the nice words!
#26 Posted by TruthTellah (9552 posts) -

@BRYN: That was very well done. You should do this more often! Top notch, good duder. You are an inspiration to us all.

#27 Posted by ninjahamster (22 posts) -

Exellent work duder, great clip too. You should try and do more if you have the time.

#28 Posted by parkersneverdie (28 posts) -

@BRYN: Superb.

#29 Posted by biggiedubs (501 posts) -

That was probably the best animated bombcast excerpt I've ever seen. Nice job, dude. Sweet editing skills.

For the record, I first chose Bat, but know I've started to go to the knife-side.

#30 Posted by JoeyRavn (5001 posts) -

That was amazing. It's even funnier the second time around with pictures.

Also, bat FTW.

#31 Posted by 49th (2940 posts) -

Holy shit, that nose question was mine! I haven't listened to the Bombcast for a while.

#32 Posted by Vigorousjammer (2548 posts) -

That was awesome, totally subscribed, hope to see more :)

#33 Posted by NekuCTR (1663 posts) -

Front page Ballin' it!

#34 Posted by papercut (3643 posts) -

Nice. What program do you use?

#35 Posted by BRYN (89 posts) -
@papercut: I use Sony Vegas Pro 9 (64 bit). I also used Photoshop to edit the review avatars. But in all honesty, most high end editors do the same. All I mostly used was panning and cropping.
Also I want to say thanks for the front page feature! I wasn't expecting that for a long shot and to be noticed in that was is amazing!
As gratitude, I'll start work on the next one as soon as I can. I had a different video planned, but Its taking longer then I hoped and it can wait a bit.
Also as gratitude, I'll hand out to the masses a little edit I made to one of Brad's review avatars (guess what subtle things I changed):
 Brad in his non-monotone rage.

Thanks again duders!

#36 Posted by Christoffer (1973 posts) -

Pretty awesome, duder. Made me laugh hard.

Personally I prefer a more trimmed version of the real discussion. But the whole discussion was good in this case, on top of your awesome editing, so it works anyways.

#37 Posted by Hairy_Fish (366 posts) -

That was really good!

#38 Posted by TheHT (12101 posts) -

That was really, really good. I like that you showed pictures for every little interruption.

#39 Posted by TwoLines (2935 posts) -

A-mazing. A+, would watch again. In fact, I'll do that right now!

#40 Posted by tourgen (4542 posts) -

great stuff

also, knife. circle in opposite side to the bat

#41 Posted by Lava (672 posts) -

Great f-ing job!

#42 Posted by snide (2413 posts) -

This is bullshit. Pet bat. Done.

#43 Posted by HatKing (6284 posts) -

I must not have been paying too much attention during that bombcast, because while I remember the questions pretty well, I certainly wasn't laughing as much as I just did. Good job, duder. That was well done.

#44 Posted by BRYN (89 posts) -
@snide: Now I just picture someone trying to stab a bat in mid air.
@HatKing: I was literally listening to the emails in a somewhat drowsy state. So in the middle of it all I was just thinking to myself "what is even going on in this podcast?"
#45 Posted by Nephrahim (1160 posts) -

Nice one, I always like these.

#46 Edited by Rapid (1439 posts) -

Someone contact and "@donttrythis" on Twitter now! This would you rather needs to be TESTED / BUSTED

#47 Posted by NathHaw (2816 posts) -

This is one of the best of these I've seen.

#48 Posted by Grillbar (1950 posts) -

oh goody a new one i have not yet seen

#49 Posted by Scrawnto (2476 posts) -

This is really really good! I love all the little split second stutter starts that you highlight. It must be a lot of work, but it really makes a difference. Drives home how difficult it is to get a word in edgewise when Ryan wants to make a point.

#50 Posted by Kingfalcon (143 posts) -

Fantastic job! One of the best Bombcast segments ever, probably.