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Curious what are currently the communities favorite moments of the year so far. There have been a few for me but unfortunately I have forgotten a lot of them. But the 2 I specifically remember are from:

Giant Bombcast Pre-E3 2012: The Sealed Envelope - My favorite moment is very short, only about 30 seconds or so, and it is when the crew creates the music for Gears of War. I was laughing my ass off and I it will be very hard to top how fantastic it was.

Giant Bombcast 01-03-2012 - I believe it is this episode but I LOVE the story of Dave delivering the desk to the couple off craigslist and getting suckered into moving it for them. I thought it was hilarious and a great 15 minutes that have stuck with me since the first BC on the year. (couldn't find a youtube link of it)

What are your memorable moments so far this year?

EDIT: Adding the Poo Flinging Scandal from the Pokemon Tournament, forgot how great that was

God I forgot how great January was for Bombcasts, so many great moments with PIPA, penny conversation, pizza argument, Vinny's obsession with Skyrim, January 2012 might be the great BC month of all time. Every episode has classic segments.

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I thought this video was amusing as well. Not a different moment though.

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@Snail said:

I thought this video was amusing as well. Not a different moment though.

I fucking love it!!!! They might have gotten everything wrong in the sealed envelope but god damn did they get the length of the Gears of War trailer right. That was fantastic!!!!

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the whole hawkman stuff from e3 day 2 was great, I also really liked when Patrick mentioned that he thought I am alive was really great and brad seemed to have an aneurysm

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@Snail: Wow, that is surprisingly spot on.

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The PIPA discussion was a personal favorite for me.

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@jewunit: Great moment, forgot how funny Jeff was during this, take that shit down BITCH!!!

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For me its the XNA

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I admittedly haven't kept up with the Bombcast in the US, but I lost my goddam mind when Justin McElroy was on the E3 couch. Everything he does is fucking hilarious, the Time Belt had me near in tears.

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hearing them get this into an Eve discussion just put a huge smile on my face.

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@BabyChooChoo: I forgot how great this was. Every moment they talk about EVE Online is a classic moment, except for the specific Bombcast about EVE, that was shockingly boring and terrible

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All of the E3 stuff. The PIPA/SOPA. Vinny's neverending flight control stick. The pokemon poo throwing tournament. Can't think of anything else but I am sure there are many more great moments.

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If I only lived in America I would vote for Jeff

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Time Belt.

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I cannot choose. Bombcast 2012 has been fantastic.

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Every one.

All of them.

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All of them.

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Murder slingshot.

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@Snail said:

I thought this video was amusing as well. Not a different moment though.

oh my god, that's just amazing =D

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Fuck what I said earlier, the entire last episode was the best.

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Would love to see someone pull a clip of the episode that was 1-2 weeks before 38 Studios went down in flames. They talked about how they had so much to think about in launching an MMO...then starting just listing computer components as things they had to worry about. "RAM... jazz drives, motherboards"

The master/slave relationship of components, etc.

IIRC Jeff was not on that week... that probably narrows it down.

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Ed Boon's Hawkman story, and Justin McElroy time belt.

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Hearing yesterday's Bombcast getting played out by the NDX theme filled me with utter joy, so it'd be up there for me.

I totally second practically everything mentioned thus far, though!