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I have had this idea floating around in my head for several months now of creating talking bobbleheads of the four regular bombcast crew.  I have come to realize that as a 36 year old Finance Manager and father of 3, this is never something that I am going to have time to do so I have decided to throw my tinder into the group and see if it catches fire with anyone. 
So here's the pitch :  
We build four bobbleheads (scaled for mass production since we will clearly need to sell them) of Ryan, Vinny, Brad and Jeff.   All of these would be modeled after the Bombcast caricatures.
Ryan's bobblehead should have glued on fake animal hair for the beard so that you can actually touch the well groomed -ness of @taswell.  Also, when you push down on his head, a loud "God DAMMIT" should ensue. 
Vinny's bobblehead should come with a removable camera mount and will posit "I don't know...I feel like..." whenever you press down on his head in classic Vinny prose. 
Brad's bobblehead will be clutching a pet Zerg and will decry "E-MAILS!" circa 2010 (lately he's been lacking the juice) 
Then Jeff's bobblehead will be holding a bottle of Flintstones vitamins and will call out "Yah...it's WEIRD..." sampled from any of the last 100 podcasts. 
Finally, if you order all 4 bobbleheads we have a special offer for you which is a FREE FIFTH BOBBLEHEAD modeled after Peter Molyneux who will alternate sayings "It's NOT ON RAILS" and Vinny's infamous speech about Peter's balls. 
All four bombcast guys should have energy drinks or sports drinks in their other hands. 
Ok, build it so I can have one! 

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lol sounds pretty good, i won't even look into it though its hard to justify wasting that amount of money

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let's get a collection plate going.  Knowing this group, money would not be a problem. 
edit : ouch! check that - it's $90 a piece.  damn. 
and that's without the custom sound chips that totally make it work...

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I would so be on these if they sold these!

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I would buy 12  of each.

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I would buy a set if it was about 100 bucks or less. No questions asked. No one would have the slighest idea what they are, but they would still be awesome.

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@JRock3x8: Wait, $90 per bobblehead or per set? Also, where are you getting these statistics from?

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i just googled custom bobbleheads and it was $90 per. 
I'm sure if you ordered in bulk you could drive the price down. 
There is an AWFUL LOT of design work that must go into building a bobblehead.  I did some very basic custom bookmarks for my church earlier this year and it cost $300 for the designs alone.  Trained Professionals cost MONEY! :)

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I would but them without question!
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I would definitely buy some bobbleheads.

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now more than ever I want my Ryan Davis bobblehead...

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I wonder how well a 3D printer could make a bobblehead. Someone get Will and Norm on the case!

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Those are some great ideas for the bobbleheads! I'll buy 'em!

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holy crap the bobblehead dream just came alive - check out what amazon is doing!