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We thought of this in the after-chat of the ESO Quick Look Live: What if we had a live re-playing of the GiantBombcast with chat? It could be done with something like a GiantBomb/fan Mixlr. We could have it start at a specific time and possibly play it on repeat for a period of time so that people can get in on it if they miss the original start time. What do you guys think? Who could facilitate this?

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That's actually a neat idea, I must say.

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I agree with this!

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I would join in on that.

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I would probably listen/chat along with a stream that just looped all the podcasts non-stop, starting from the arrow pointing down ones.

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That would be a super neat idea!

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Really dig this idea.

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I generally find live show chat to be scattered and disappointing but I do get a few solid laughs out of it. I would fully support a live (or pseudo-live) Bombcast. Especially once the UK turf wars start up via emails.

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For the idea in itself I'd enjoy listening to the podcast live on mixlr but wonder if that would negatively effect the site in anyways.

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While a cool idea I usually listen to podcast whilst playing games so... would be of limited use for me personally but it does sound like an interesting idea.

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@demoskinos: I listen while playing games or working as well. But I think it would be cool to look over at the chat responses every now and then, or to comment when I have a free moment.

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i would never use this but im all for it