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#1 Posted by dannye812 (11 posts) -

For me it was one BC where the guys were talking about the then new Punch Out game for Wii. One of the guys said something about the dude from Microsoft rolling up his sleeve and showing a Mike Tyson tattoo and saying Mike Tyson''s in Punchout Motherfucker! I was at work and almost fell off my forklift laughing so fucking hard.

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The time that Jeff called up Ryan to talk about Tiger Woods Gatorade and they decided to record it.

#3 Posted by Milkman (17492 posts) -

"It's Tuesday!"

#4 Posted by PenguinDust (12667 posts) -

I was a regular listener to the crew when they were originally at Gamespot, so when the first Bombcast's started showing up on Itunes I was a regular listener again. I can't remember what moment made me a regular listener when Jeff and Ryan were heading the GS podcast.

#5 Posted by Rafaelfc (1562 posts) -

2009 Game Of The Year Podcasts (can't pick just a single moment, all of them were special to me)

#6 Posted by mosespippy (4592 posts) -

I've been a listener since The Arrow Pointing Down. I can't remember any specific moments that far back, except that I was playing Crush on my PSP at the time and now every time I load up Crush I think of Ryan and Jeff talking about drinks.

#7 Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG (4284 posts) -

I dont remember.....  I started listening around late 2010 and I think I got hooked when I was waiting at the Narita airport in Japan around February 2011.  I loaded up on podcasts before the trip.  We were waiting for the flight to get back home and I was in a sitting area then I heard the whole "Im a wizard and that looks fucked up" which put a smile on my face.  I started to laugh in the middle of an airport in Japan.  

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Oh shit... I can't even remember. It was sometime mid-2010 when I started listening to the podcasts wasn't until early last year though that I really started jumping into the community on the forum. I've since gone back and listened to most of the older episodes. It is near frightening listening to them talk about stuff and sometimes being SPOT fucking on about things that actually happened!

#9 Posted by Mowgers (393 posts) -

II II \. / \/

#11 Posted by Shivoa (648 posts) -

(slightly vague memory so apologies for any mistakes) When Jeff and Ryan were running The Hotspot from Rich Gallup (who was on holiday) and phoned up the public phone line to check they knew the number (to give out) and then moments later were surprised to see they had a new answer-phone message from a listener to enjoy on the air. It was at that point I went from enjoying my weekly Hotspot to dedicating myself to following whatever these idiots (no offence intended) got up to in the future.

So I was kinda locked in from day one with Bombcasts.

#12 Posted by Mowgers (393 posts) -

Well that didn't work... Supposed to be an arrow pointing down... I feel shame.

#13 Posted by Adaurin (187 posts) -

They had me at Hey Everybody It's Tuesday.

#14 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4713 posts) -

I have been listening since the hotspot so I just follow suit.

This video killed me the first time I heard it.

#15 Posted by Modedude (36 posts) -

"Hey Vinny.... Don't buy a racing wheel!"

#16 Posted by indieslaw (393 posts) -

"Yes, it was quite poopsome".

I was listening since arrow pointing down, but that moment nearly killed me.

#17 Posted by Tophat666 (237 posts) -

"I have a Wii"

#18 Edited by c0l0nelp0c0rn1 (1814 posts) -

When they were talking about the cereal bar after the Spike VGAs.

@videorob: I really liked it when they piled on Brad and started talking about the Garbage Pail Kids in that episode.

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At the time GiantBomb got started, World of Warcraft made me burn through countless podcasts. Always googling for new podcasts, eventually I landed here. The BombCast was just one of many, but it has kept me coming back - and then finally the site was created. And I stuck around.

Also, I was intrigued by Gerstmann Gate, which I became aware of during that same timeframe.

#20 Posted by indieslaw (393 posts) -

@c0l0nelp0c0rn1: I had never heard of the Garbage Pail Kids before, so I had to go look them up afterwards to understand how funny that was.

@Seppli: I remember being so caught up in Gerstmanngate that I nearly failed my Foucault final. I didn't want to work on my paper, I just wanted to follow the story. #dramaking

#21 Posted by DFSVegas (356 posts) -

@mtcantor said:

The time that Jeff called up Ryan to talk about Tiger Woods Gatorade and they decided to record it.

Probably this for me too... My earliest memory of the Bombcast is Tiger Woods Gatorade taste tests, so by mere process of elimination...

#22 Posted by VoshiNova (1788 posts) -

@Rafaelfc: Some of the best deliberations were made that year. Best DLC was a kick! :D

#23 Posted by VoshiNova (1788 posts) -

@ImmortalSaiyan said:

I have been listening since the hotspot so I just follow suit.

This video killed me the first time I heard it.

Such a great clip. + 1<3

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#25 Posted by SirOptimusPrime (2031 posts) -

Well, the first episode I listened to was an E3 episode and all I can remember about it is there being a discussion about a gigantic table they were using. Hooked since then.

#26 Posted by The_Nubster (2397 posts) -

Space pizza balls.

#27 Posted by Phatmac (5731 posts) -

The had me at hello.

#28 Posted by ch3burashka (5310 posts) -

They had me at 'mouthfeel'.

#29 Posted by BradBrains (1214 posts) -

that ONE time carrie and jeff argued. remember that one time guys?

#30 Posted by ThatIndianGuy7116 (255 posts) -

I can't remember exactly so I'll just post one of the earlier Bombcast moments I've listened to on Youtube


That was when Dan Ryckert was on the giant Bombcast at E3 2011 and he told an internet dating story. It was really hilarious and I just started listening to Bombcasts and started going back to old ones.

#31 Posted by johncallahan (648 posts) -

@Milkman said:

"It's Tuesday!"
#32 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7098 posts) -

"Gaming for me is a religion! And Haze is the shit!"

#33 Posted by natetodamax (19230 posts) -

I don't remember when I started listening to the Bombcast. It was definitely in 2008.

#34 Posted by Soapy86 (2625 posts) -

@PenguinDust said:

I was a regular listener to the crew when they were originally at Gamespot.

@mosespippy said:

I've been a listener since The Arrow Pointing Down.


#35 Posted by morrelloman (609 posts) -

I forget what made me start listening to the podcasts. But I became a member after watching a quicklook compilation that ended with the weird ass pastrick in leather pants playing rock band thing. Between quicklooks and Wii Shop Releases and Neck Stabbings they just won me overtime.

#36 Posted by Serpentenema (220 posts) -

The Nintendo Downloads segments from 2010. My favorite being the Flipz ones with Saucepan Man and Silky the Fairy.

#37 Posted by Arker101 (1472 posts) -

I just found the Bombcast while I was searching through iTunes podcast's list, the cover art was neat so I gave it a shot.

The first "moment" I was privy too was this one.

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Can't recall the one moment, but this CLASSIC has gotta be my favorite.

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@ImmortalSaiyan said:

I have been listening since the hotspot so I just follow suit.

This video killed me the first time I heard it.

That episode was my first exposure to the GS/GB folks and I've been following Jeff and Ryan since.

#40 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1105 posts) -

I was a Gamespot HotSpot listener (RIP) back in the day and after Jeff and Ryan decided to do the Arrow Pointing Down Podcast (Bombcast Beta) I was hooked from minute 1!

#41 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

Arrow Pointing Down podcast

#42 Posted by Elazul (1328 posts) -

The moment I heard that Gerstmann, Davis and Navarro were recording a hot new Podcast out of Jeff's living room.

#43 Posted by PirateNeal (270 posts) -


props to who ever can remember that moment. I think that was my first episode ever and Vinny was the guest for the day, instant love

#44 Posted by Little_Socrates (5733 posts) -

The first time I ever listened to a full Bombcast. That was the first Fable III episode, here.

#45 Posted by Napalm (9020 posts) -

Arrow Pointing Down.

#46 Posted by License_To_Bill (792 posts) -

they were taste-testing the first set of new mountain dews. i was sold.

#47 Posted by DukesT3 (1952 posts) -

Jeffs Duke Nukem rant back in the Gamespot days when 2k gave 3D Realms like $100,000 or some large sum of money to finish that game. And that rant of glorious! I was laughing in the car so hard on the way to Austin with my gf and her family for some summer trip to Austin and its great looking back on it now. Even before that I've been listening since like the first episode of the HotSpot so I just naturally followed Jeff to whatever venture he was going to start.

#48 Posted by Aronleon (844 posts) -

I been listening all the way back from 2005, and I cannot point out a favorite moment, there are just WAY to many.

#49 Posted by OHNOgc (4 posts) -

Climbing the activison corporate ladder: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LB4aTG_EqQg

#50 Posted by Bobby_The_Great (1018 posts) -

2008 Metal Gear Solid 4 spoiler cast, been listening since.