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so whoever sent in that question last week, asking to name that tune... i think i found your answer. check out the youtube link below.

you can thank me later. with pizza.


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I'm the guy who sent that question in.


( Explains why gamers couldn't help... had nothing to do with games. )

Where do I send the pizza.... seriously.

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Revenge of the 'Gator predates the Nokia 3210 handset by a full decade.


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I saw the tweet. I never played the Gator game... it's more bluesy than the way I remember the tune. robeywan is still getting a pizza.

I suppose GB gets the assit and we'll give Revenge of the Gator the second assist for being the rip-offee.

Pizzas for EVERYONE!

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Please PM me your specifics, I will make the Pizza happen. I might even order it from here in Ontario ( Pizza Pizza ) and mail it! How's that sound?! LMAO

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Get every topping.

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Demand deep dish.

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If you're sending it from Ontario, it needs to be Canadian bacon.