#1 Posted by Rearmed (71 posts) -

Latest is 15/05 - and day 0 is gone. Need to be fixed.


#2 Posted by P00zombie (128 posts) -

Oh cool. I should have looked before questioning my sanity. It's not just me!

#3 Posted by edenspresence (71 posts) -

Phew.. I am also pleased to see this is not just me. My phone was playing an episode, an email notification interrupted it and then my podcast manager had deleted the podcast!

#4 Posted by HiImMikeCruz (257 posts) -

Yea Doggcatcher is all kind of messed up now. Google Listen found them though.

#5 Posted by BlaineBlaine (595 posts) -

Yeah. iTunes didn't see the new stuff. Dog catcher on my phone is really jacked up, showing five episodes from February as newest followed by the May shows. Only reason I knew there were episodes is the website.

#6 Posted by TheRealNexius (4 posts) -

Confirmed here also. Using Doggcatcher and had the exact same issue as BlaineBlaine.

#7 Posted by Bane (542 posts) -

Same here: DoggCatcher is all sorts of confuzzled. It deleted both E3 episodes (including one in progress) and can't find anything later than 5/15/2012.

#8 Posted by wordfalling (205 posts) -

It showed up just fine in my google reader.

#9 Posted by Zvarri (144 posts) -

I thought I was crazy when my WinPhone showed 5-15-2012 as the latest episode, when just yesterday it showed 5-31-2012 as the latest. I've confirmed in the raw feed that it is indeed fucked.

#10 Posted by Scigrex14 (101 posts) -

Checked the raw RSS feed on the site and it too lists the latest episdosde as 5/15. So it's not just DoggCatcher that's messed up, but the whole RSS feed.

#11 Posted by SniperXan (233 posts) -

I got the day 0 podcast from iTunes yesterday before it screwed up...new one isn't up there I guess? *le-sigh*

#12 Posted by TeamJersey (388 posts) -

I wondered about this as well. Thought it was my phone. Are top men working on this?

#13 Posted by Jeff (5373 posts) -

Just got in there and republished the feed, it should be up to date now. Or, at least, I was just able to subscribe to it and see everything.

Remember that if you're going to the iTunes Store page for the podcast, you're doing it wrong. That feed is updated by Apple whenever they get around to it and is almost always unreliable. Subscribe to the podcast, either manually or through the iTunes Store, to ensure you're getting the feed directly from us.

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Looks OK to me now.

#15 Posted by Bane (542 posts) -

It's all good now. Thanks Jeff.