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It's just a suggestion, and I know it will take more time but... I wish the Bombcast would post with a "link dump" per say. Where on the Bombcast page they link to all the things they've talked about. Cause lets be honest they talk about some weird and off kilter stuff! It would be nice to follow along with the podcast. especially if it's something visual they're talking about then we could see for ourselves.

I know I could just keep google open or whatever and this would only be valuable to people listening on their computers. But I still feel like it would be a good addition. Other podcasts that do this and it comes in real handy. Like the RoosterTeeth Podcast does this and I find it real handy.

A smaller suggestion would be to post the Bombcast with time stamps in the description for when they're talking about whatever. Most podcasts do this at least. I KNOW this would be useful for a lot of us. We could skip over the DOTA talk.

Anyway these are just a couple of suggestions to improve the best podcast on the internet!

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Jeff seems pretty uninterested in anything that will make it more difficult/time consuming for him to produce the podcast. Not that I blame him, I'm totally fine with the long ass podcast we get every week.

Good ideas, though.

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I believe they don't do either of these things because they take too much time out of their day (if I remember right). The only way I can see either thing happening is if a user does it for every bombcast after listening to it. Other than that, I don't think they're going to run with your suggestion.

For what it's worth, I would like time stamps too, but just so I can plan a stopping point ahead of time and not to skip things. I don't think I've ever skipped any part of a Bombcast.

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It's been brought up before. With a staff as small as they've got, it just doesn't really seem like it's worth the time and effort. I'm kind of surprised nobody from the community has started doing it yet actually (at least that I've seen), considering how many people ask for it. Usually it's easy enough to find timestamps for spoilers or key discussion links in the comments anyways.

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Doing this for a 3 hour podcast is a pain in the ass, expecially cause they talk about so much different stuff. I don't really need it and I can understand why they won't do it.

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@myketuna: Yeah me either, I've definitely re listened to portions of the Bombcast just to make sure I did't skip to far ahead and miss anything.

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The only way I could see timestamps/linkdump working would be to be able to annotate what they were talking about in the recording software as they were recording, like comments in SoundCloud. However, I think that would disrupt the flow of conversation.

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get a slave (intern) to do it, sounds like a nifty idea.

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It would be nice if they could do that - but I don't think any of them are especially inclined to do it. They don't have interns anymore. Vinny has a family, Brad has a long-term relationship going, Drew has his hands full with video stuff. Rorie's probably doing business stuff and Jeff sounds like he is 100% not interested in doing that at all (who could blame him?).

If GB got a few interns, then I'd totally ask for them do to this. But they don't have any interns they can assign to do this for them.

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Not unless the time taken to post the links is worth adding to the site. If we're talking about links to "Brad's new thing that can kill you" or "Jeff put something weird in his sandwich", then absolutely not.

Now, if Jeff got some interns and paid them pocket change to do it for no good reason, that'd be pretty awesome, but don't count on it now that they're under CBSi.

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i would like to see the podcast in the enhanced format.

the rooster teeth podcast does it and has the links in-built in the podcast as they talk about it so if you want more info on the subject its just a touchscreen press away.

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If you're interested enough, it doesn't take a minute to search the internet. Plus if you check the right side of the screen from time to time, they sometimes post links to things they will mention in future podcasts, such as Jeff mentioning salty bet such.

I'd also like to point out the fact that they would need to make notes of all the things they mention, and then go and find the appropriate links, it would be a pain and a waste of their time to do.