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I just saw a forum trashing Brad and Vinny and i wanted to start and appreciation thread. I like Brad and Vinny as an addiction the GB, they bring in new incite and idea's and also a lot of joke's and laugh's. They both know their respective "stuff", Ryan and Jeff wouldn't hire idiots off the street.
I just think its unfair that people are knocking Brad and Vinny, who are doing a great job so far.

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This website I doubt would have even launched if it were not for Brad and Vinny

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Exactly! Even if you dont like listening  to Brad and Vinny, at least apprectiate their hard work on the site.

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Where was this thrashing from? I didn't see anything... makes no sense either,anyone should be able to tell they're excellent at what they do and great to hear on the podcast along with Ryan and Jeff, those guys along with Ryan and Jeff 'are' indeed also Giantbomb,and rightfully so.

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I think Brad and Vinny compliment Jeff and Ryan very well. They're all a bunch of goofs, yet they all know what really matters and what they should be serious about.

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I agree, they're both awesome. When I first saw Brad years ago on a video review, I couldn't stand his voice. But I've grown to love it.

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Brad + Vinny = Awesome

nothing else needs to be said

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Brad and Vinny contribute so much to this site. I disagree with that other thread.

You need the whole gang for a good podcast. I just wish Vinny said more! He seems like an awesome guy.

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Meh. This site rules, and so does anyone directly involved in its creation.

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Vinny has said more funny things that have flown over the heads of his co-hosts than I can count.

Dude's a comedic genius.

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Vinny and Brad are the man's...men? Either way they are great, I really like Brad something about his voice cracks me up.

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They're all awesome IMO.

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Brad's voice is awesome, he should make a Barry White album.

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I like all the guys at GB, they're all amazing at what they do.

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if you really appreciate the former half of brad and vinny you'll grow some burns and post in the Brad shoemaker sideburns club

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Boostergold said:
"Brad's voice is awesome, he should make a Barry White album.
HAHAHA! I would actually pay for that.
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who the fuck would trash Brad and/or Vinnie?

but how does such a deep voice come out of such a skinny dude?

I'm thinking of checking out his barber downtown as well, I love old school shops like that...what was the name of the place again?