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@mikkaq said:

This isn't even news cause Killzone 2 did it 8 years ago. Big deal.

The difference here is that Killzone 2 was actually a fairly good game. Not mind-blowing or truly memorable or whatever video game review catch-phrase you usually apply to 9.5/10's, but it was worth playing at least. Perhaps more importantly, it came out at a time when shooters weren't really getting boring yet.

But if we're going to go down this path, much of Halo 2 that was shown had to be scrapped as well. And I'm sure there's an example of a decently received game from before that could have the same "criticism" leveled at it.

I do think that it's disgusting, yes, but I don't really think it's something worth talking much about, and I definitely don't think that we need to tell the Bomb crew what they should talk about in their own podcast. The solution here is "don't buy the game". Or, rather, "don't pre-order a game until you know how it's been received" so we can get rid of all these exclusive guns, missions, armor types, and other bullshit.

I was just talking about how the Killzone 2 demo from E3 '05 was completely pre-rendered and the game didn't look nearly as good in the end. I agree though, Killzone 2 was alright, and the graphics were good, but still, they did try to pull a fast one with that demo, this isn't a unique phenomenon in the industry.

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I was under the impression the Sony announcement was the biggest news story of the week....

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The bombcrew seems to have a policy of don't preorder things; wait for reviews. This is why. This entire kerfuffle would be avoided if nobody preordered and they waited for reviews instead.

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@mosespippy said:

This entire kerfuffle would be avoided if nobody preordered and they waited for reviews instead.

TROOF. the finances around the game might be interesting- but it's all speculation until things go visibly sour for gearbox. when there's a lawsuit, there's a story. right now it's mostly angry twitter.