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There's some (not nearly enough), talk on the Bombcast about Dota 2. I feel like a lot of people don't know what Dota is so or how it works so I made this. Guys, please join us online! NEEDS TO BE GAME OF 2013!!! (Sorry about that Brad, Geoff doesn't know what he's talking about).

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Great video, short and concise.

Another great resource is this: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDdv1UhKaheYX_f-7GYbx5uKjF8SheYnP

Dota 2 Academy is the best series of videos I've found that is aimed exclusively at the new player. I don't recommend watching a lot of what's available on Youtube (particularly Purge) because they will overwhelm you without really teaching until you have the basics down.

And as always, hop onto the GiantBomb chat channel and ask for someone to mentor or coach you. We're a lovely group of duders and more friendly than we have any right to be. :p

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@chiablo: Dude thank you! Never heard of Dota 2 Academy! Looks amazing! Could you hit me up with a link or is that chat channel in game client?