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Brad was trying to remember a word for the term that refers to computer programs whose design emulates the real-world object the program is replacing. It's skeuomorphic.

I learned of the term when reading Ars Technica'sMac OS X Lion review. <insert TheMoreYouKnow.jpg>

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Whenever I accidentally open the address book app I hate myself. Cruddy piece of shit.

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Thanks for that, I totally blanked on that word too when I was listening earlier.

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I approve of these types of threads. Hopefully Brad will continue to not remember difficult words and this can be a weekly feature.

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I need Brad's "What's That Word?" to become a weekly forum topic.

It can be either a fancy word he can't quite remember (like this week), or it can be a fancy word he uses that you're pretty sure nobody understands except for himself and possibly Vinny (and certainly not Ryan "Disco Quiche" Davis).

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Highly approve of this becoming a weekly feature. Kudos to you