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In my opinion, if the hot dog is boxed, bagged, and in your own personal garbage, it's fine. But I'm just curious as to whether or not you went through with it.

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You're a brave man.

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Where in the world is Brian!?!?

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@Phatmac said:

Where in the world is Brian!?!?

Probably in a hospital because of food poisoning.

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I can't believe he read that; loved the discussion it inspired. Crazy thing is, thanks to the booze, I didn't remember sending it all that clearly, so when I heard my name, I was expecting to hear a previous question I'd sent. Here's what I sent them this morning.

"Thank you, Vinny, for your unqualified acceptance. When I began that e-mail, it was just a fun little hypothetical in my head, but within seconds of hitting Send, I devoured the garbage dog in three bites. It was satisfying in its way because I wasn't exactly hungry. It was half of a second Wienerschnitel pastrami dog that I couldn't force myself to finish the first time around, so please understand, the shame spiral was already well under way.

There was enough bourbon involved to preclude driving, and I'd recently had my fill of pizza, which is about all I could have had delivered, but, let's be honest, bare nourishment wasn't really the allure of the garbage dog. Forbidden fruit and such.

As to the final questions, it was a standard kitchen garbage can, and the dog was the last thing to enter it."

As I've thought about it more, I think there was also something about finishing the challenge I'd set myself. As soon as I had room for it, I had to S-rank it. No regrets.

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Duder ... I ah .... oh screw it probably would´ve done the same :P

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Man, as good as you made that hot dog sound I would have finished it for you, sans alcohol!

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The dog was... the... you're a braver man than I.

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And the moral of the story, kids, is: what you can't eat, put it in the fridge, not the trash. And if you throw it away, send an e-mail to the Bombcast.

With pictures if possible.

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Never should a garbage dog go to waste. Well done.