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Hi Guys, Does anyone know if there are plans to release an updated version of the Giant Bomb iPhone App, the existing App is broken and is no longer available in the iTunes Store (in the UK anyway). What I would love to see is a kick-ass iPad App taking advantage of all the features of the hardware, sorry if this has been covered already! What are your thoughts? Kind regards, George

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This has been mentioned many times. There's no more support for the Giant Bomb app. Trust me, I was upset too because I paid the $2 for it when they brought it out.

EDIT: I should also mention that I think they'll allow people to take the apk and do something with it.

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@Clandestine1966: I believe they said that they dropped support for the IOS app since the mobile site does everything that the app did.

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@Clandestine1966: The app was replaced by the mobile version of the site, however it is only available to members.

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Thanks guys, I bought the app too, the site works quite well on the iPad So I'm not going to lose any sleep :) Best regards, George