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Hey guys,

I really want to play Citadel. But I can't for a couple weeks, as I'm away from my 360. Does their conversation spoil the better moments, or is it so tame that I can listen and be fine?

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I think it would be best to skip the discussion, sir. The mere mention that some type of event exists is spoiler enough to take away from the experience.

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Do you have specific times to avoid for the discussion? I would greatly appreciate it!

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They talk vaguely about a couple events but they don't really go into detail. Patrick and Ryan kind of just tell them to stop talking about it at a certain point. You should be fine unless you're super sensitive.

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You can skip 30:00 - 51:20 to avoid the Citadel discussion.

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Unless you're a whining little baby, you should be fine.

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It's really vague. And there are so many little things to Citadel that there is heaps to enjoy no matter what.

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@dgtlty said:

You can skip 30:00 - 51:20 to avoid the Citadel discussion.

Thanks, man! Even though it's probably nothing, this is an experience I want to go in without any idea of what to expect.