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The first few episodes where Drew became a regular I rolled my eyes every time I thought he was trying too hard with his jokes. But his personality just grew on me, through I can't remember exactly when it happened. He's a cool guy.

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I also agree that Drew is awesome. I love the different dynamic that he brings to the bombcast. Also his completely different tastes in games and life in general are quite refreshing to hear on the podcast.

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Drew is awesome. He quoted Rocko's Modern Life on the bombcast this week. He has a great down to earth perspective on games.

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As a great man once said, "ALWAYS bet on Scanlon!"

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Hell yeah, Drew is awesome.

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I think Drew might be my favorite person on the bombcast right now.

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I wonder if this thread title is even accurate anymore. Since Jason was hired Drew has been really outspoken and assertive on the Bombcast. Never thought having an underling would turn Drew into an alpha male...

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It's almost as if people change, become more comfortable with experience.. Fascinating phenomena.

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I wish I went on as many adventures as Drew.

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Drew is my favorite.

Seriously. I will watch/listen to anything that guy does on the site.

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I've loved listening to Drew grow in confidence on the podcast, he's brilliant!

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Drew has opened up and become more vocal on the podcast since the day Alex was there before E3. Alex did a hell of a job getting him to open up, and it is obviously all the better.