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Poll: Do you like mustard? (537 votes)

Yes, on everything that you'd normally put condiments on. 26%
Yes, but it depends on what I'm eating. 49%
Indifferent. 2%
No, I generally don't like mustard. 10%
I would rather blow my brains out. 14%

Hearing Jeff's strong opinion on mustard, I'm curious as to how other people feel about it. is it generally liked or hated? I love it, myself, but Jeff isn't the first person I've heard speak out against it.

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I hate the color and taste of mustard, keep it away from me! Yuck!

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I mean it's not the worst thing ever, but no, I've never really liked it.

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Depends quite a bit on the mustard, regular mustard is incredibly dull, but I'm kinda fond of honey mustard and strong Swedish mustard, and if I can only choose either ketchup or mustard, I tend to prefer mustard on stuff like sausages (though obviously combining the two is preferable).

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I dunno, I have not listened to this weeks bombcast, but I would assume that Jeff's opinion on mustard is one of unavailability? I never really got into mustard until I went to a baseball game and my friend Emily was just putting it on everyones hotdogs while tailgating. I am one of those people who don't really complain in those situations and just eat it. It ended up being fairly good.

I personally eat mustard on most sandwhiches that call for it. Like I dunno about mustard on a tuna sub, but it goes great on a turkey sandwhich, a hot dog, ect. Plus it is generally healthier than other sauces you would put on (be it ketchup, mayonnaise or ranch sauce.

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Big fan of mustard here. Preferably 'real' mustard. Use it at any chance I get.

Mustard and coffee threads, the GB forums are making me hungry! :D

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Mustard is most definitely on my palate. Well - most everything is. I got a preference for strong mustard. The kind that fries the brains. Also love honey mustard and dill mustard.

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I used to put mustard and ketchup on my hot dogs, thinking that that's how it was for a reason, that mustard and ketchup were best friends and helped each other achieve maximum yum. Then I tried mustard only on a hotdog, and i discovered the lie, ketchup was holding back mustard all along. I'm strictly mustard only on my hot dogs now, but still use ketchup for like french fries and stuff.

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Mustard is great, ketchup is not.

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No. I find it disgusting as hell.

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Where did the belief that Americans don't like mayo come from? Americans eat a whole lot of mayo.

Not like other countries. Most European counties its there version of ketchup. They put it on everything. They drown they fries in it.

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Yeah Mustard is alright. I don't have it that often. The most I have it is with Macaroni and Cheese, I make the sauce using a little Dijon Mustard.

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The only good mustard is the kind that works its way into your sinuses and you end up crying delicious tears.

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Love it! Strong sweet mustard on hot dogs or strong dijon type on cold meat slices... Delicious.

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If you give me a hot dog and it only has ketchup on it, I will throw it in the fucking garbage where it belongs.

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Just regular mustard cause I think it's like the only normal condiment that's healthy enough for regular use. Dijon and Brown mustard are from another planet. Taste like stardust.... The bad kind.

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I don't like yellow mustard, needs to be brown.

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When I'm making a sandwich I usually put ketchup and Mustard on a spoon and eat it , Dumb & Dumber style....

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I don't even want to smell that stuff near my food.

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Mustard is essential.

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Ugh. Fuck no.

I do, however, love Mustard Plug.

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@gnatsol said:

Just regular mustard cause I think it's like the only normal condiment that's healthy enough for regular use. Dijon and Brown mustard are from another planet. Taste like stardust.... The bad kind.

This is so ironic...the "regular" mustard you use is probably loaded with ten times more preservatives and sugar than a good brown or stone ground mustard. Man, I need to eat some mustard soon.

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I like all sorts of mustard, that's the key because people who say they hate mustard have only tasted one type.

- Yellow mustard = cookout burgers, hotdogs

- Dijon mustard = sandwich mustard for non-deli sandwiches

- Deli/Brown Mustard = deli food- a must for Roast Beef, Pastrami and Corned Beef unless you go Reuben or Rachel w/ slaw/kraut and Thousand Island dressing. Brown mustard is my 'go-to' table mustard as well.

- Chinese Mustard (Extra Hot) = I don't know who makes it or where it comes from but Chinese food in Boston comes with packets of crazy-stupid strong hot mustard.

Mustard is like wine or beer, there are types that go with certain foods.

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Fucking LOVE mustard. It's one of my favorite things.

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American Yellow? Nope I rather burn myself with a car lighter then eat that, but a decent beer or honey based mustard I'll slap on just about anything that it's socially acceptable to have it on.