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My favorite food, ever. Pickles are for me what burgers are for Wimpy, cookies for the Cookie Monster or cocaine for Amy Winehouse.

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Only kosher dills by themselves, or relish on a hot dog once in a while.

Pickles on any sort of sandwich are repulsive.

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Absolutely! They're like a snack AND a drink, in one!

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pickles in hamburgers and sandwiches please.

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Theres a similar older thread

in which many answer this question

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only on a chick-fil-a sandwich, and even then im wary of the bastards.

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I like any kind of pickle that isn't made of meat.  Diakon, watermellon rind, sweet gherkins, dills, relish.  Hell, I even like Tartar sauce and that only has a little bit of pickle in it.  I prefer my dills to be super crunchy, but a floppy pickle is not deal breaker.
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i am a not a fan of pickles at all like jeff nasty peices of work they are 

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heeeeeaaaaaal naw

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Not by themselves, but on a sandwich or burger or as part of a Wurstsalat.

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Nope. No matter what you combine it with.

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Hell yeah, pickles are great.

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I never eat them by themselves.

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Fucking hate pickles.

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Straight out of the jar, hell yes.

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Hell no!

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only on a burger.

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Despite the fact that my Screened name is Pickle I'm not a fan. On sandwiches they suck, on their own they're bad too.

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Fuck no. Hate the smell.

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I think the most I've ever agreed with Jeff was on this matter. Pickles are gross.

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As long as they are crunchy, I love em'. 

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Fuck Pickles.

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No. I love them...

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polish pickles are so fucken delicious. sweet pickles are meh. relish is eh. pickles on a in n out burger ehhhhhhhhh. pickles with a sandwich on the side yum!

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@supercubedude said:

Straight out of the jar, hell yes.

I like your rough style, sir. Your rough, pickly style.

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I don't like pickles in other things like burgers or hot dogs. Completely overpowers the taste of what your eating.

By itself on the other-hand, hell ya.

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I like pickles, but I rarely, if ever, would eat one on its own.

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Sooo many garbage topics in this forum. There gotta be a quest for making a certain amount of threads I'd guess.
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Yes I would love to try a fried one as well.

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Love'em. Indian and English one's are best. Not a fan of Chinese and Korean ones.

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only tried some pickled cucumbers. yeah they are alright.

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Only when I have burgers I'll have pickles, other than that, not exactly.

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Hell motherfucking no!

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@Kinsella said:

Sooo many garbage topics in this forum. There gotta be a quest for making a certain amount of threads I'd guess.

I guess pickles aren't the only sour thing in this topic. Don't like, don't post.

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That and cheese are the only things I will make sure never get in my burger.

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Only The Pickles.

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fuck yeah, I put pickle on everything, rice, burger, ramen. It's awesome (only the sour kind though)

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Shit, I eat pickles with everything. Pickle this, pickle that, all pickles all the time.

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I like them but don't go looking for them.

I like turtles!

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Kosher Dill Only.

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Depends, I hate them on thier own. But in a Burger they are ok.