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Posted by Basm321 (192 posts) 22 days, 21 minutes ago

Poll: Do you listen to bombcast ads? (648 votes)

Yes 87%
No 7%
Sometimes 6%

I listen to every bombcast ad because they are actually entertaining. EVERY other podcast (about 6or8) I skip all ads because they are almost always reading from an humanless robotic script. The bombcast should get extra a revenues for providing something that actually makes me listen to the ad.

#51 Posted by HatKing (5947 posts) -

They come with it on the iPhone's podcast app automatically. They haven't been intrusive enough for me to seek out a way to get them ad free. In fact, sometimes they're genuinely entertaining.

#52 Posted by CorruptedEvil (3265 posts) -

I am extremely against ads (going so far as to run 3 separate adblocking/tracker blocking programs) but I usually listen to the Bombcast ads because they are pretty funny.

#53 Posted by bartok (2480 posts) -

They're silly little skits and every podcast shills the same shitty services. Seriously has anyone used Stamps.com, FourSquare.com, or the most idiotic one Luminosity.com?

If they were as obnoxious as Scott Aukerman's or Stone Cold Steve Austin's reads then I would skip them. Personally I think the Bombcast would benefit more from one of those Amazon.com parterships but whatever keeps the show free is fine by me.

#54 Posted by yyZiggurat (1016 posts) -


#55 Posted by Slag (4354 posts) -

Yeah I do, They're inoffensive & mildly amusing, I'm also not premium and I'm too lazy to skip them.

#56 Posted by Slay3r1583 (612 posts) -

Hell no I don't. I've got a premium membership for a reason.

#57 Edited by Twisted (203 posts) -

Hell yes I listen to them. I don't know why you would skip them. I mean, I don't like ads either, but there's no way I'd skip a bombcast ad.

I've actually been disappointed the couple of times recently that they haven't been in there.

#58 Posted by kaos_cracker (588 posts) -

Even though I am a premium member, I listen to the Bombcasts on Itunes so when the ads come on I just tend to enjoy them.

#59 Edited by Noitwont (75 posts) -

Every one of them.

#60 Posted by Silver-Streak (1358 posts) -

I've been a premium member since the start. I never download the premium Bombcast version. The ads are too great. I do wish Small Businessman was still there, though.

#61 Edited by MonkeyKing1969 (2772 posts) -

Giant Bomb has allowed me to gain acceptance during my formative years ,and now I too have a much higher chance of "fitting in" during my awkward mid-40s.

I am convinced a strict regime of Giant Bomb with Jeff's words of wisdom, Drew's doe-like eyes, and Dan's (obvious parody) examples of "not fitting in" have helped me in my day to day life.

Its is NEVER too soon to start a Giant Bomb habit. Its smooth menthal & whisky favor calms my nerves and loosens my bowels.

#62 Posted by GorillaMoPena (2130 posts) -

I end up deleting the premium feed Bombcast from my phone because I tend to enjoy the ads.

#63 Posted by Dethfish (3660 posts) -

Yes, partially because I am too lazy to skip past them.

#64 Posted by Rayeth (1041 posts) -

If the ads get more "serious" and less like the Small Business man one, I'll eventually stop. The hulu+ one this week is a good example of what I'm NOT looking for in ads. But overall, I generally listen more often than not.

#65 Edited by ike7779 (315 posts) -

Yep, even when I was a premium member I still listened to them. Partially because I was too lazy to set up the premium feed and partially because they were usually pretty funny.

#66 Edited by cooljammer00 (1729 posts) -

Last week's Nature Box ads were scarily unfunny, but it looks like they wrote some better material this week. I just remember Jeff singing about flax and mango

#67 Posted by Basm321 (192 posts) -

@cooljammer00: I know, I hope they return to the skip format. I don't want to skip over any the serious ads incase they turn silly. They have managed to get me to listen to standard ad reads, maybe this was their plan? Bum bum bum!

#68 Posted by bassguy (86 posts) -

I dislike ads, so I exclusively listen to the premium version of the podcast when applicable.

Remaining ad-free while still supporting the site is one of the main reasons I subscribe.

#69 Posted by konig_kei (617 posts) -

I didn't mind the ads at the start of the podcast but the middle ads are a deal breaker. Thank god for premium.

#70 Edited by mbradley1992 (129 posts) -

I think they are a lot of fun, but I usually listen because I'm too lazy to pick up my phone and fast forward.

#71 Posted by Dunchad (494 posts) -

Yup. I don't even know how to get my hands on the premium version and I can't be bothered to find out. The ads are amusing enough, though I do miss SBM.

#72 Posted by desoda (109 posts) -

I used to listen to them even though I'm a premium member, but only because of the Jeff/Vinny/small business man-thing. Jeff reading a prewritten adblurb - especially for something that isn't even available to me (Hulu) - just isn't interesting or funny enough.

#73 Posted by Humanity (9220 posts) -

This week was the first time I skipped it. Once at the beginning is alright for a laugh but having another one in the middle kinda kills it.

#74 Posted by The_Nubster (2134 posts) -

I don't mind at all. The ads are generally funny, and are always bearable. Worst comes to worst, it's like 45 seconds that I can use to grab something to drink or whatever.

#75 Posted by bwheeeler (449 posts) -

Used to, but now that they've signed up with that new group, I've been skipping. I can only listen to so many podcast hosts riff on Naturebox.

#76 Posted by poisonmonkey (342 posts) -

Yes, they are doing a brilliant job of making adverts entertaining and bearable which is a huge achievement, well done bombers.

#77 Posted by AlexanderSheen (5007 posts) -

I did when Small Business Man was still alive. Since his untimely demise, the ads are not really that funny.

#78 Edited by Castiel (2616 posts) -

Yes. All the time. They might secretly be the best thing about the podcast.

Okay they are maybe not the best thing about the podcast but they are pretty great.

#79 Posted by DystopiaX (5310 posts) -

Yeah, I started cause small business man was funny. Now the ads version just autodownloads and I'm too lazy to dl the premium version

#80 Posted by logan528 (4 posts) -

Yes. While I doubt anything will ever top Small Business Man I still enjoy them quite a bit.

#81 Posted by Zelyre (1193 posts) -

I liked the ads with Vinny. Now, not so much. Then again, I enjoyed Vinny's straight TV Week voice over work.

Besides, when I go Naturebox, I'll do it with whatever Idle Thumbs code of the week.

#82 Posted by Amafi (767 posts) -

My podcast app doesn't really like the premium feed, so yeah.

#83 Posted by michael_katarn (81 posts) -

Fucking ads are great! I was worried when Vinny left GBWest the ads would suffer without the Small Businessman™ but the Brad Drew mutiny plot was good and Brad Jeff ads are pretty good too. I really hope they keep up the serialized plots of these little skits. Some of them are almost better than the bombast. Even though I am premium I will never skip the ads. Its great they are offering the premium version for those who aren't fans of the ads, but personally, they crack me up every time.

#84 Posted by applet0n (653 posts) -

I've always enjoyed the in-jokes/remixes the community makes with regards to the Bombcast ads, but no, I can't say I've ever had any interest in listening to them.

Since I'm offered an ad-free version of the Bombcast, I feel silly not using it. Is that weird?

#85 Posted by Baillie (4168 posts) -

Since they've went down the route of having a real sponsorship and are now producing more straight-forward ads, I've been listening to the premium podcast. The only problem I have with it is that the podcast doesn't seem to have artwork when I download it using PocketCasts.

#86 Posted by Jpensive (4 posts) -

The new NatureBox ads are pissers.

#87 Posted by tonka_92 (18 posts) -

I too am of the group of people for whom half the services advertised are unavailable anyway, so I listen to the premium version

and midroll ads are bad, there's a reason people don't watch television live anymore

I mean, it's very much not as bad as other podcasts, where there's a preroll ad built into the player, followed by preroll ads from that week's sponsors, followed by podcast, during which there are ad reads at regular intervals, AND there are midroll ads too

I know the bombcast will never get anywhere near that bad, but practices like this really make me dislike advertising, which is sad because for many things the advertising keeps them afloat

also, I miss the small business man from my pre-premium days...

#88 Posted by Lotus (208 posts) -

I like the adds, Jeff, Brad and Vinny do a good job at it for the most part.