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Poll: Do you want Drew to join the Bombcast regularly? (1814 votes)

Yes 88%
No 12%

Drew seems like a person with a lot of interesting insights on things. Shouldn't he be part of the regular Bombcast and more to the point why isn't he included in the first place?

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Not regularly but just occasionally and/or to fill in a spot.

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@alternate said:

he doesn't play enough new games and now he seems to be on the friday show most weeks we get to see more of him.

On the bombcast it would be like

"so, what have you been playing, Drew?"

"err, soe flight sim. I also went kyaking and took a metal working class."

"Nothing. I went to space, though."

I wouldn't want a 6th person on all the time but I think it'd be cool if they rotated the rest of the staff for once-a-month guest appearances.

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My dream team for the Bombcast? Vinny, Drew, Jeff, and Dave. Awesome.

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Sure, of course, but I feel like he's well represented on UPF. I've been happy with the amount of Drew we've been exposed to lately.

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I would love to see more Drew, but I do think there is such thing as too many people on a single podcast. I think having him, Dave, or Alexis on more often as a filler would be great.

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Drew has been on a few times before and it was great but I did notice that when he is done with his stories and what he's playing, he stays quiet almost the rest of the hour of the podcast.

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Yes, but only if someone else were swapped out, and that someone wasn't Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, or Brad.

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Drew would be great, it would be even better if they would swap Patrick for him.

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I'd like to have him in there every so often - maybe not every time, but I'm all for more Drew!

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here i'll fix your poll for you:

Do you want Drew to join the Bombcast regularly?

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • all of the above.
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I would love it if Drew joined, partially because Drew is pretty awesome and partially because his taste in games (specifically simulation games) is out there and rather interesting.
I bet for logistics reasons he can't however, more than likely those three hours need to have some productivity for the site and Drew is more than likely editing videos.

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Do we really need to hear how Drew saved puppies from a sinking nuclear submarine? Or how he HALO jumped to pick up his dinner? Or fought of an invading barbarian horde with his bow?

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I absolutely would love Drew to be on the bombcast more regularly.

But then who would do all the work?

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Having five dudes in a podcast is already pretty overkill. Adding another is probably not the best idea, in my opinion. He could stand in for others I suppose, but being a regular isn't going to make the podcast a better podcast.

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im pretty sure hes just too busy to take the time to do it regularly , i mean hes only recently started being audible on quick looks , when clearly he has been talking into their earpieces forever ... plus his more frequent live stream appearances id say hes more prominent than ever .. im sure if he wanted to be on the podcast regularly he would have said something by now . same reason goes for why dave isnt on podcasts as often. (well his new excuse is havin a kid but prior to that he was slaving away.) and probably why we will never see or hear much of ltsquigs .. lots of work to b e done at giantbomb and only half the staff actively do anything :P

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I'd love to have Drew and Dave on more, only problem is podcasts are like NFL pre/post game shows. Four is just right, five is crowd and begins to hurt the overall product. If Drew or Dave was a regular member I'd think that someone else would have to go because no way could you do it with 6 people. At least Drew and Dave are pretty laid back and quiet and don't feel the need to talk all the time so they'd be a perfect 5th.

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More Drew and Dave! Drew is a fascinating creature, i'm genuinely interested with almost everything he has to say. The problem is I wouldn't wanna lose Ryan, Jeff, Brad or Vinny, but the occasional switcheroo would be nice

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Voted no. I think Drew is absolutely fantastic. The rarity of his Bombcasts make them extra special.

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I think 5 people is enough on a podcast, anymore than that, and you run the risk of too much talking over eachother, or someone not getting to talk at all.

I think they should have drew (or Dave) on when one of the other guys aren't around (like Ryan in the most recent episode).

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I'd rather see him do more Quick Looks.

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No, it would be Dave over Drew and I want the Bombcast to be the main 4 an occasionally rotate in Patrick, Drew, Dave. But that is only a dream...

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It would be cool to have him as a guest. I think it would get kind of boring to listen to him talk about crazy flight sims every week as he mainly seems to play obscure stuff.

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Considering that I, like he enjoyed Halo 4 quite a lot, yes. RELATABILITY His obsession with crazy complicated shit is funny, too.

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Not that I don't really like Drew, but there are already too many people on the podcast to me.

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I love Drew, but he's most lovely in small doses.

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To people who are saying that 6 are too much for a podcast, How about this: A 4 Hour Bombcast to accomodate all the talking needed. Done?

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The Bombcast needs more input concerning PC exclusives, so I vote yes.

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Drew always talks whenever he has something to say. Everytime he speaks I listen.

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With no dis on Drew, he doesn't play enough new games or has the kind of interest in games to carry a podcast about them. When he does guest he's usually really quiet when they talk about new releases and watcha been playing.

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As much as I love Drews appearances on the Bombcast, I'd have to say no. Mainly due to the fact that when the number of people in a podcast goes past 4, it just starts sounding like a cluster of voices. I still think the bombcasts were better when it was just the original four.

Also, Drew is too busy doing video stuff to come on the bombcast every week.

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There should be a The Drew Spot where he comes in towards the end of the Bombcast and he shares what he's been playing or doing, what he thinks of whatever big news story is happening and what technical wizardry was of interest in the previous week. This way he's forced to speak up, he doesn't waste a lot of time and we get to hear The Drew©.

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Yeah definitely. He is generally quite so I don't think he would stretch out the podcast, but when he has stuff to say it is always super interesting. More content with Drew is a good thing.

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No, because I feel he's more content doing the work he's paid to do and he is really good and efficient at doing what he does best...v

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I've really enjoyed the Friday show because it has given us more a glimpse into the man that is Drew.

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I only voted no, because that would simply be too many people on the podcast. Too many opinions, I have no problem for him filling in for someone like Dave fills in.

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Of course.

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Nah, I like gettin' The Drew in small doses.

Helps maintain his mystique.

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Absolutely. Drew is kinda completely 100% awesome.

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Yes! Of course!

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If anything Drew would be a good replacement if the other staff are sick or out.

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For surely! Drew is secretly the most interesting and charismatic guy on staff. Any and all content he graces with his presence is instantly improved.

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Add Drew and Dave both.

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The only issue I can see coming would be the fact that he may not play enough games to contribute and it may get hectic with so many people in one podcast. If those problems would be proven false, hell yeah I'd be down to have Drew podcasting on the reg.

@ben_h said:

Drew is like Vinny. The answer is always yes.


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Just someone to fill patrick's seat.

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Ban any person that said no to this idea.

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I would love for drew to be on the podcast.

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Nothing against Drew, hes a really cool dude, but I personally would rather see Rorie on the podcasts.

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I think Rorie is a better choice.

But i really dont think Drew even wants that.