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Poll: Do you want Drew to join the Bombcast regularly? (1813 votes)

Yes 88%
No 12%

Drew seems like a person with a lot of interesting insights on things. Shouldn't he be part of the regular Bombcast and more to the point why isn't he included in the first place?

#101 Posted by razielrioux (129 posts) -

More often, absolutely. Maybe not a regular though. I would love to hear a little more Dave Snider as well while we are talking about adding to the podcast. Maybe have either of the two pinch hit for a member that is not available?

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While I'd rather see Rorie as a regular, Drew would be a welcome addition to the Bombcast now that Patrick has had his "mic drop/move to Chicago" moment.

#103 Posted by dungbootle (2428 posts) -

He seems busy

#104 Posted by DexterKid (668 posts) -

Hell yes. I've been saying this shit for years. Get Drew in on more stuff, he is secretly the best GB staff member. Also he is devilishly handsome.

#105 Posted by Red12b (9085 posts) -

Keep him special by keeping him as a special guest

#106 Posted by Barrock (3553 posts) -

We already have a guy that doesn't play a ton of games with Ryan.

#107 Posted by Time_Lord (723 posts) -

Jeff, Ryan and Brad all like similar games I think Vinny and Patrick complemented them very well so if we cant have Patrick any more Drew would be a good person to bring on as he has very different tastes to those 4.

#108 Posted by Vuud (2035 posts) -

Giant bomb needs some new blood, period.

#109 Posted by wemibelec90 (1826 posts) -

Personally, I wouldn't mind if it went back to the original format--just the four of them. I really enjoyed Patrick's additions to the Bombcast, but I don't feel a fifth person is really necessary.

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His knowledge of Star Wars vastly outshines his awareness of Star Trek... so... I can live with that.

#111 Posted by Reisz (1527 posts) -

I'd love to hear more from Drew, though I fear he is too valuable as a top man to be in the Bombcast every week. That's a credit to his importance mind you, once every now and then definitely but frankly I'm looking forward to a four man Bombcast again for a while. Not that I won't miss Patrick, just that change is good.

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A once-per-month Drewcast would be stellar, if he's up to it.

He actually plays the same kind of games I do, as a big plus, so I'd like to hear him bring those up with the rest of the crew

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That would be awesome, but I doubt it will happen. Drew's got shitloads of video stuff to produce so I doubt he'd have the time.

#114 Posted by DMFDUDE (19 posts) -

A lot of people saying dave should be on the podcast, and i agree, but he doesn't really work there anymore. So that seems like a long shot.

#115 Posted by byterunner (319 posts) -

@dmfdude: So I missed this whole thing, and was wondering where Dave has been. When exactly did Dave leave Giantbomb, and why?

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I...don't know. Like, I would love to he him on there more often, but does he play enough games to contribute regularly?

#117 Posted by DMFDUDE (19 posts) -

@byterunner: he left cause he and his wife had a baby and he wanted to spend more time with them.

#118 Posted by hollitz (1609 posts) -

Drew's real life exploits would be pretty entertaining to listen to. Dude always seems to be doing something exciting.

@troll93 said:

If you said no you are a bad person.

This too.

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glad Patrick is leaving, i'd much rather have Drew.

#120 Posted by sevenLiter (110 posts) -

As much as I like Drew, I don't think it'd work as well as people here are thinking it would. He's best as a once in awhile guest. The Bomb crew and Drew himself probably know this. I also agree that Rorie would be a better choice.

#121 Posted by Jimbo (9978 posts) -

But then who would deliver the secrets to the Koreans?

#122 Posted by AngriGhandi (792 posts) -

Drew is like a wildcard, taking the podcast in unexpected new directions!

Mix it up, man! Bring the heat!

Bring the Drew.

#123 Posted by JasonR86 (9723 posts) -

As much as I like Drew, doing that would hurt their production line too much.

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More often, absolutely. Maybe not a regular though. I would love to hear a little more Dave Snider as well while we are talking about adding to the podcast. Maybe have either of the two pinch hit for a member that is not available?

Sounds like you may have missed the news http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/snide/blog/

On topic, Drew is awesome but I think he'd get overpowered as a regular on the bombcast but I'll take as much Drew as I can get.

#125 Posted by bemusedchunk (734 posts) -

The buzzer..

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Just so the first 30 minutes of off topic conversation becomes the most compelling it's ever been.

#128 Posted by Jazzycola (658 posts) -

No, no more 5 man bombcast. Nothing against Drew, but unless one of the big 4 are not on then no.

#129 Posted by mikey87144 (1806 posts) -

I said no. I like Drew a lot so don't think it's a negative vote against him. Drew just seems to march by his own drum gaming wise. I'm not sure he could add to the discussion when it comes to the latest and greatest unless you want to hear about simulators every other week.

Again this sounds really bad but I don't mean it like that. The flight club things and his sections on Unprofessional Fridays are usually some of the best stuff on Giantbomb.

#130 Posted by Buneroid (428 posts) -

Mountain Drew.

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If there was a rotation of Drew, Rorie, Alexis or even video Steve to add an extra voice and opinion to the mix.

Steve has been working there a while and I'd be interested to hear about the kind of things he plays.

#132 Posted by Disconnect (68 posts) -

Mo' Droo.

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#135 Posted by NicolasVH (57 posts) -

Everybody who said no doesn't belong here!

#136 Posted by TwoLines (2835 posts) -

I really like Drew, but as awesome as he is, he wouldn't a good fit.

Forgive me Drew!

#137 Posted by afabs515 (1317 posts) -

Nah, I just want more Vin Dog. And more cowbell.

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I think Drew would be good every now and then, but I always assumed he was busy or not interested.

He appeared a few times, I think, during the Sausalito days, but he didn't have much to contribute. He isn't a part of the constant grind of industry news and games like Jeff, Ryan, Brad, and Patrick have been for years; he just likes his own stuff.

#139 Posted by SmilingPig (1341 posts) -

Is Dave gone or is he on vacation or someting?

#140 Posted by cutyoface (553 posts) -

@smilingpig: Dave left CBSi months ago, Matt Rorie is his replacement.

#141 Posted by Peacemaker (1106 posts) -

I would like to have him on more, even if it's not every week. I know he's more of the video guy but I'd like to see him in some more content. I always enjoy when he's on.

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There's no denying the quality Drew would add. But I reckon Drew already has a lot on his plate on the production side so maybe can't spare the 3-4 hours.

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#144 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6402 posts) -

I love Drew and if they could get him on the Bombcast, I'd be stoked, but I feel like, if it was possible, they would have done it already. That could be wrong, obviously, but it's a gut feeling.

Can we get a Mr. Matthew Rorie in on the action occasionally if he has shit to talk about?

#145 Posted by Grim_Wreeper (24 posts) -

100% Keep drew on the podcast.

#146 Posted by Dr_Perscitus (52 posts) -

@rittsy said:

I'd like a 3 hour video podcast of Drew playing flight sims each week; with the camera always focusing on the HOTAS and Track IR. No gameplay.


#147 Posted by Humanity (10035 posts) -

@humanity said:

I don't know, I like Drew but he's not the most nimble speaker.

I'd like to say we all make mistakes, and I would totally want Drew on the Bombcast every week.

#148 Posted by EchoEcho (837 posts) -

I say give Drew, Matt, and Dave their own separate weekly podcast where the other members of the Bomb Crew can be the occasional guests instead.

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This poll reminds me of various political polls in my country. The obvious right choice gets about 80% of the votes then there's that weird 20% that seemingly hates everything good and/or fun.

#150 Posted by Killroycantkill (1423 posts) -

Drew was really good on the podcast. But I had a totally unlrelated question, did any hear cell phone ringtone noises during the podcast? Like an IPhone getting a text or something?