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Poll: Do you want Drew to join the Bombcast regularly? (1813 votes)

Yes 88%
No 12%

Drew seems like a person with a lot of interesting insights on things. Shouldn't he be part of the regular Bombcast and more to the point why isn't he included in the first place?

#201 Posted by iceman228433 (617 posts) -

hell yea Drew is the bomb.

#202 Posted by Ben_H (3468 posts) -

Drew was quite good on this week's cast. He fit right in and did a great job contributing.

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I think drew has done a terrific job on the last few podcasts he's been in. I would like to see him as a regular. It would add more flavor to the GOTY talks. He's younger so some of his stories and interactions are more unique. Those are my thoughts.

#204 Posted by punkxblaze (2990 posts) -

@anwar said:

Erm, why are people calling Drew the 6th man, or whatever? Who are those other two besides Jeff, Vinny and Brad?

When this poll and topic were started, Patrick hadn't announced his departure to Chicago (I don't think), and Ryan was still with us, so Drew would have been a sixth man.

#205 Posted by Strife777 (1619 posts) -

I want either him or Rorie. But I could see how both would be busy with other work.

I suppose they could roll as a three man podcast + weekly guest when possible too.

#206 Posted by LiquidPrince (16244 posts) -

Of course.

#207 Posted by AllThatBacon (581 posts) -

Might as well, he's pretty awesome.

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Especially with Patrick off in Chi-town, the Bombcast could definitely benefit from a new person being on all the time. Going from 5 regulars down to 3 is really harsh, and Drew offers a fresh voice.

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He doesn't talk much which is a negative, but when he does it's usually great.

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He doesn't talk much which is a negative, but when he does it's usually great.

I'm sure with time he'll talk more. But you're right about your second point.

#211 Posted by Rick_Fingers (523 posts) -

I've always liked Drew but felt like it takes him a while to open up, but the last Bombcast was great and he seemed a lot more comfortable.

Definitely enjoy having him in there

#212 Posted by mjbrune (100 posts) -

Some of the issues I am seeing is that there are only 3 people in the spot light now. With the loss of Ryan and Patrick not being actually within the studio a lot of the studio's content seems lacking. I won't say Drew will fill the those empty shoes but he does make me think of the shoes a bit less.

#213 Posted by thatdudeguy (128 posts) -

Yeah, I hope we get the Drew perspective more often!

#214 Posted by TheLastGunslinger (328 posts) -

Absolutely. And Rorie, get Rorie in there too.

#215 Posted by tescovee (367 posts) -

@drewbert plays games I don't, and don't even know about. His insight on stuff I would have no knowledge about is imo a really great thing. He also seems a whole lot more tolerant towards stuff that he may not be inclined to like.

@jeff and Drew are an awesome juxtaposition. One a super seasoned game writer who clings onto some really weird shit, and can be a bit dismissive. With someone who may not have as much experience who adds a more forgiving view, who also clings onto weird shit.

Nomatter what they decide to do I'm down but I really think Drew is boss.

#216 Posted by Zygoatsalami (60 posts) -

Is it just me or are an alarming amount of people not aware that Dave is no longer with Giant Bomb? Or am I wrong with that assumption, because I'm pretty sure that they had a whole thing about him leaving. Also, if you think Drew isn't articulate in his speech, go suck a duck!

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Yeah, get Drew in as a regular for everything! As well as with Matt! Wish that Patrick would come back to the office.

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I feel like them explaining his absence from this weeks bombcast gave us a good indication that he will be a permanent part of the bombcast from here on out, though he has always ran them from the technical side of things so who knows.

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@humanity: I dunno... When Patrick and Drew went to Iceland, Drew was the articulate one when it came to describing pretty much anything and everything for the viewers at home.

#220 Posted by billyhoush (1207 posts) -

I'm really enjoyed Jeff, Vinny, and Brad's old man talk in the latest podcast.

#221 Posted by Genfuyung (255 posts) -

Drew would be an AWESOME addition to the bombcast.

#222 Posted by groverat (165 posts) -

Drew is awesome. I love Drew.

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who is going to take brads spot?

#224 Posted by SomeDeliCook (2341 posts) -

Bring back Dave please

#226 Posted by rkofan87 (159 posts) -
#227 Posted by thornie (191 posts) -

Wow, I guess I'm in the vast minority here but... I like Drew, but in small spurts. His voice and demeanor puts me to sleep. It's cool that he plays games I'll never play but yeah... I was fast forwarding through his whole segment this week.

GB can't dip into that CBS wallet and buy out Sessler or McElroy? Please? Pretty Please?

#228 Posted by Brundage (388 posts) -

I don't think he should. I love Drew, but I don't think he fits into the podcast.

#229 Posted by Fattony12000 (7632 posts) -

Yes of course fuckin' yes.

#230 Posted by Chop (1999 posts) -

Fuck yes. I hope he has got his own seat now.

I would've been ambivalent about it a year ago, but now it seems like Drew has become more interested and adept at interacting with the community.

#231 Posted by ScreamingGhost (216 posts) -

Any time Drew can he should be on it's great to have a new voice on the cast. As busy as he probably is he might not be able to be on as often as we'd like though, Matt would also be cool to have on the bombcast.

#232 Posted by Kr7stof (73 posts) -

My opinion: Absolutely fucking yes!

No need to argue.

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More Drew, Dave & Rorie are always welcome in the bombcast.

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Eff yes.

I think it's great that Drew can finally let his personality shine, his obsessive interests in obscure things is always entertaining. I just hope that Rorie makes more proper appearances on the Bombcast. Doesn't matter if you lead him in with a trail of tiny puppies, get that man into the recording studio more often!