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I've never heard this dude speak.

Where do I hear him speak?

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@ProfessorEss: He was on the GDC podcasts this year.
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@Claude said:
" I would do him. Might be a trip. "
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Yeah. I really dug him on Feedback, and think the news segment would be a lot more cohesive and filled with more, you know, news if he was included. While I think five people would still work, four is probably best for a well-rounded discussion, and I'd be fine with a rotating cast. I don't think the Bombcast loses anything when one of the guys is out on assignment, so I doubt much would be lost if one decided to take a bye-week.

And frankly, Brad is asleep for most of the podcast anyway. So pop Brad in to talk about what he's played, and pop him out. The magic of editing. Problem solved.
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I picked yes because I'd like to give him a chance, and a little spice to the podcast every so often would be a good thing, even if he isn't on regularly.

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watch feedback from G4, great show, he was their news person and was their when he was breaking all of the Infinity Ward stuff.

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I can't make a call until he does it once...this poll would be better to make after he guests for a few times. Personally I'd rather see Dave (as a PC gamer) or Drew (as awesome) as regulars first; they've been there for awhile and every bombcast they're on is awesome.

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@shadyspace said:
" @Claude said:
" I would do him. Might be a trip. "
hahahah "
You know...for kicks.
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Really? I don't see anything wrong with Patrick joining, and don't really see the point of this thread.

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@Marz said:
" too many voices on the podcast already.   He'd be ok to fill in for one of the main guys if they are on vacation or something. "
This. Occasionally on yes, but not regular, too many people, but maybe his own newscast? Definitely.
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wait, why is this coming up? I feel out of the loop for some reason.

Anyway i did like Patrick on Feedback (G4 Video Podcast) and certainly enjoyed his reviews but again is this a thing that might happen?

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Regular member? I'd say no, but as a frequent stand-in, certainly.

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I would love this guy to pop up in a bombcast now and then even to fill in spots when one of the big four are out on assignment.  However I personally prefer him not to replace someone permanently at this point in time.

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Nah. Patrick is a super-cool guy, but the current Bombcast repertoire is just about flawless. 5 voices is too much, and I really wouldn't want to see anyone get replaced.

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I'd like a regular 4 person bombcast. I don't mind who is involved yet. I'd love to have him on a couple times though. Perhaps he should fill gaps? Or they should surprise us with a team of 4. Basically I don't want too many voices, but I don't want Mr. Klepek left out

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I do not think he is here to replace anybody per se as to rather develop the demension GB felt it should be covering in a AAA way but obviously wasn't. It's nobody's fault, or if it was, it was GB's lack that it now is trying to rectify. Brad Nicholson was doing probably exactly what he was hired to do, but the news coverage needed to revamp several orders of total change with a whole new approach. I understand this, and that is going to be Klepeks sphere of endeavor. It's I'm sure a full time job.


This has probably been a pretty intense thing to put forth, justify to whiskey Media, and make happen. I suspect I  know the level of professionalism they wish to reach, to be on par or better than the News Departments of other top notch Gaming sites,  I do hope this is the result of Klepek's hire and wish him and GB, and Whiskey Media, the best.. I also hope this goes in a positive fashion for GB staff , and seeing how whiskey Media has acted in another matter, I do not think there is rude news to be anticipated. Jeff won't find his belongings in the hallway tomorow,..again.

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@Diabloshadow said:
" @Marz said:
" too many voices on the podcast already.   He'd be ok to fill in for one of the main guys if they are on vacation or something. "
This. Occasionally on yes, but not regular, too many people, but maybe his own newscast? Definitely. "
Would rather have a video news thing than a podcast news thing.
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Why are internet nerds so afraid of change?

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Sure, why not?

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Yeah, he is awesome in podcasts.   I'd rather have him on their than Brad.... I don't know if I should say that.  I love Starcraft 2.

Heres some somewhat recent stuff of him with Sessler:

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Snide or die.

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Maybe i have been living under a rock but i have no idea who klepek is, maybe i will vote after i hear him a few times on the bombcast

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I liked him on this weeks, but his audio quality was bad. I don't know if they can handle 5 simultaneous podcasters. 

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I wanna give him some time before I make my final decision. That said I'd prefer Dave regularly though I get that this is out of the question.

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I don't really mind.  He wasn't obnoxious (and his prescence wasn't obtrusive) on the latest Bombcast.

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Yes! Why does he have to replace someone? Can't they all just be one big, happy family?
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I really thought he added something great to the Bombcast this week, so I don't mind if they put him on permanently. Maybe 5 people is too many, though. Some parts got pretty crazy with people talking over each other.

Either way, I'm good with what GB decides.

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The only reason I'd say no is because 4 people on a podcast is treading the line between too many, and 5 is easily too many. Should be one of those swap-ins based on who's the most busy though.

I'd also miss Dave if he became the default go-to for someone on IR.
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@TerraDelu said:
" I'm 50/50. I like Patrick, but I wonder if 5 people on a podcast at once is too many? I certainly don't wanna replace any of the existing guys, but I wouldn't be opposed to a rotation... maybe. "
Kinda this. I like the idea of him joining but it increases the chance of people talking over each other and general chaos. Ah screw it throw him in there why not.
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Yeah I wouldn't mind cause he doesn't over talk.  He kinda reminds me of drew, staying silent quite a bit and just adding a bit here and there.  If he over talked than no.

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I think it would be awesome if Patrick became a regular on the Bombcast. It would add a fresh perspective/opinions and it already seems like he remembers the details of games and events a lot more vividly than the others. His youth is definitely a bonus as well. I also hope that he likes games that the Giantbomb crew does not like; it would add more to the podcast and the website. Specifically if he likes Final Fantasy, that would be amazing. (I know Rorie does, but it doesn't seem like he'll ever join Giantbomb.)

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Not as a regular.

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Yes, do it.

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Who said no!!! Why is it like 50%!!! What is wrong with you lot he was fine!!!

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I thought he was good on this weeks Bombcast.

Maybe the conductor needs and assistant as well?

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dont mind him.  

I feel like the bombcast is in need of a reformat.   (dont get me wrong love the bombcast... but a little change would be welcome)

maybe having Patrick on board will spice things up a bit but I think they have to go and come up with a new running order and new segments.

maybe that will happen in a few weeks when they redo the music and art like they do every year around this time.   
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I thought he was really good on this week's episode.  As far as I'm concerned, they can add him as a permanent fifth chair and it will be for the better.

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I voted no, but after listening to the last Bombcast I would change my vote if I could. I'd be fine with him being a regular.

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He's great. But I think 5 is just too much people.
Quite a dilemma.

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I don't understand the amount of people saying he was really good on the bombcast yesterday. He barely said anything until the news section. What exactly did he do to impress people? Barely talk?

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I don't care either way. If they bring him on though, they better fix his mic. He sounded like a poorly tuned radio station.

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if they have enough mics, im fine with it
he didn't detract anything from the bombcast

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Sure. This week's 'cast was a bit hectic, but I think they can work the kinks out.

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Sure. He seems like a really awesome guy and I enjoyed him on the latest Bombcast.

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Definitely not.

Never been a Klepek fan and five hosts makes things so needlessly crowded.

If it ain't broke don't fix it, too many cooks, etc.

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I think Patrick clicked well with the crew and he wasn't silent or afraid to jump in with a well-informed opinion (thinking of the BradN guest spot here, where he said all of five sentences in two hours). I like him, and I think this latest Bombcast was probably the funniest one in a good while.

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@Ygg said:
" Not really, I prefer having the odd guest from time to time.On the flipside 5 could mean a longer podcast in general since an extra person has to speak about what they've been playing. But that could mean they have to cut down other segments if they have a time limit. (I don't think they do though) "
They seem have to some sort of desire to keep it from going into the 3 hour mark which could be tough with a whole new segment.
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Naysayers are being too closed-minded, imo.