#151 Posted by Hailinel (25179 posts) -

Sure, but get him a better mic than he had in the last one.

#152 Posted by Kyreo (4600 posts) -

Yeah he could be the new Alex and fill in whenever.  He was great on the latest Bombcast.  He was quite funny.  I like him.

#153 Posted by Treythalomew (97 posts) -

People absolutely hate change but I'd say he deserves to at least be involved on the Bombcast until after E3. He knows his stuff, he actually plays videogames, and is funny. You can't really judge something on one event. If they could just get him a better mic then it would already been better.

#154 Posted by lord_canti (1519 posts) -

hes not going to replace any one, he did ok in his first podcast and would like to give him much more of a chance than people seem to be giving him

#155 Posted by Chop (1999 posts) -


He was really boring on the podcast. 
#156 Posted by Andorski (5345 posts) -

So long as they keep the podcast 4 people at the most.  Seems like the magic number for a podcast crew.

#157 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

I would say no, because if Dave and Drew are just guests then so can Patrick, nothing agaisnt him, but I think 4 is just enough.
#158 Posted by MadLaughter (202 posts) -

5 is an odd number, tough to manage 5 people on a podcast, but I enjoyed the guy's contribution and humor. 

#159 Posted by Captain_Felafel (1576 posts) -

Not as a regular but as a regular-fill in. Nothing against him, I thought he brought a great presence to the Bombcast! But 5 voices can get a little crowded. 

#160 Posted by Cirdain (3102 posts) -

Letd try 5 again. I think you guys will be able to deal with it.

#161 Posted by RedEyesBlueBunny (1011 posts) -

i don't see why not, i love him so far! as long as they don't mind making a slightly longer podcast i think it'd be great to have him as a regular, and i certainly don't mind listening to a slightly longer podcast

#162 Posted by Soapy86 (2635 posts) -

I voted yes before, and if I could change my vote...I wouldn't. He was great. And while at times the Bombcast sounded like there were too many people trying to say too many things at once, I think that's something that could easily be ironed out in time as they get a feel for each other. 

#163 Posted by indus (85 posts) -

Alex is going to be moving to the east coast so I don't see why he can't fill that same seat when it's needed. 

#164 Posted by supermike6 (3593 posts) -

Yes! I really liked him on the podcast, and also during the Fancy Pants Quick Look. Of course, in the end it's the staff's decision.

#165 Posted by Yanngc33 (4496 posts) -

Eh, maybe he could replace brad and actually make it to the end of games to review them. I love Brad, been following him for 10 years, but I don't know he seems kind of out of touch. 

#166 Posted by truckington (54 posts) -

I think 5 people is a little much, but I liked him on the bombcast and the quicklooks/streaming

#167 Posted by Cube (4366 posts) -

I sorta just like how it is. Then again, I think the Bombcast would be better if it was only Jeff and Vinny. 

#168 Posted by NickL (2246 posts) -

He was pretty nice on the most recent bombcast, although it was a bit crowded... I think 4 is the magic number for podcasts, maybe they should start some kind of rotation

#169 Posted by watersini (22 posts) -

Although I do like Klepek from the old 1up days. 5 people is a little much for a podcast but brad and vinny are indispensable. 
#170 Posted by mrcodman1976 (11 posts) -

Wow yes yes yes i think giantbomb have just put a huge feather in the cap by getting  klepek on board. great work guys this will only strengthen a already great team.
#171 Posted by phrosnite (3518 posts) -

Yes. He should replace Brad.

#172 Posted by Choi (542 posts) -
@phrosnite said:
" Yes. He should replace Brad. "
Pretty much.
You're all saying that 5 voices is too much (with which I agree) but Brad is quiet most of the time, so it's still pretty much 4 voices. I wouldn't kick Brad off the bombcast, I just don't think it was crowded. Klepek has great insight and knowledge  and would love to hear his opinions on the podcast.
#173 Posted by gbpackers94 (116 posts) -

Yes, he has a lot of experience so he should fit right in. As long as he doesn't try to take over, it will be fine.

#174 Posted by VilhelmNielsen (1738 posts) -

Dude came up with the title for Evil Bong 3D.... So obviously!

#175 Posted by WickedCobra03 (2109 posts) -
@Marz said:
" too many voices on the podcast already.   He'd be ok to fill in for one of the main guys if they are on vacation or something. "
Same.  I can keep all of the voices separate, that is not the actual problem, it is just way too congested if there were 5 people on the show regularly.
#176 Edited by Twiggy199 (500 posts) -

Yeah, but on reflection, whilst i was listening to last weeks podcasts, about half-way through i was actually thinking...."is Vinny on this podcast?". i wouldn't like to think that ever again so on second thought, no!.

#177 Edited by Scrumdidlyumptious (1641 posts) -

5 people isn't all that many. I didn't notice any difference last week other than a new voice with new opinions. Yes I would like him to be regular.

#178 Posted by PXAbstraction (343 posts) -

Nope. While I have mad respect for the work he does, I really don't think his voice lends well to podcasts and grating voices can wreck good podcasts for me. But that's just me.

#179 Posted by Tofford (532 posts) -

I think 4 is a good number for the podcast but I would like to hear him regularly. As a member of the bombcrew he needs some form of output other than articles. Maybe he could do a news think like they do on comicvine.

#180 Posted by Overwatch (271 posts) -

I would love to hear him often. If not regular member of the Bombcast, than at least often guest? But more than that I'm looking forward for that news vide recap thing, hope they will do it.

#181 Posted by Vitor (2824 posts) -
@Mr_Skeleton said:

I haven't heard him in any podcast, so I don't know.

He was the reason to watch the G4 one a while back (along with Adam Sessler).

Having said that, not sure how I feel about a 5 man podcast. Especially considering how well the current format holds. He did well last week, despite a little awkwardness but I'm not sure how I'd feel about him being a permanent addition. Wouldn't mind him dropping by to just read the news though as that would be pretty rad.
#182 Edited by Zabant (1249 posts) -

At least he is excited to get involved in the conversation. Which is more than I can say about Brad "i'm to tired to discuss anything" shoemaker aka Mr. "Let's move on so i can get a sandwich"

#183 Posted by gingertastic_10 (4141 posts) -

Yeah. He seems cool.

#184 Posted by coakroach (2492 posts) -

Yeah bro.

#185 Posted by raidingkvatch (1157 posts) -
@yoshimitz707: Sure, why not?
#186 Posted by Metal_Mills (3016 posts) -

He fits in really well. I wouldn't mind him staying on.

#187 Posted by ThePhilanthropist (55 posts) -

I'm disapointed in the Giantbomb community for never hearing of Patrick Klepek. He only broke all the Infinity Ward shit storm that occured last year and is a famous 1up/EGM and G4TV allum.

#188 Posted by Rayeth (1062 posts) -

Here is my take on Patrick:

He talks and gets involved in the conversation more than my hero Brad.
I don't like his voice that much.

I'll deal with his voice because he brings interesting information to the table.  If he ends up a regular, I'm cool with it.  Otherwise he'd be a great occasional guest.
#189 Posted by Mahonay (829 posts) -

 The more the merrier.  Why would you not want an additional person to add to the discussion?  I look forward to hearing more from him.

#190 Posted by Fjordson (2450 posts) -

Fab Four or bust.

#191 Posted by DickDarlington (108 posts) -

No. I like Patrick and all but he's kind of soft spoken. I still kind of equate him with the old 1up stuff. The old 1up stuff was good but it was very different in tone when compared with the old HotSpot.

#192 Posted by FreakAche (2954 posts) -

I think this poll is a little messed up, because a lot of votes were made before his appearance on the Bombcast last week. You will notice that the "yes" option significantly pulled ahead since then. I bet a lot of people would be willing to change their votes.

#193 Posted by Eaxis (940 posts) -

sure, but Dave is first in line!
#194 Posted by Mikemcn (6998 posts) -
@McGhee_the_Insomniac said:
" He can replace Brad. He's too mopey and doesn't seem to give a shit half the time. "
I want to harm you bodily. 
#195 Posted by Gamer_152 (14091 posts) -

No, but I wouldn't mind hearing him on there now and then.

#196 Posted by Napalm (9020 posts) -

My only concern is five people. That's a lot for a podcast.

#197 Posted by Kraank (74 posts) -

I voted no, but after hearing him on the podcast I want to change my vote to a yes.

#198 Posted by myketuna (1728 posts) -

I love Brad more than the next man, but he doesn't talk all that often when you think about it. Patrick talks more, but he also doesn't talk so much that you'll hear his high, girly voice the whole podcast. I think together they mesh into the perfect 4th chair.

Also, Patrick doesn't have a girly voice. I just said that because someone up there apparently doesn't like it. I don't know why, though. He sounds average to me. Maybe a TAD high. But that fits into my theory, too. Brad has a booming voice that complements Patrick's (I don't wanna say high) not-booming voice.

#199 Posted by LackLuster (732 posts) -

Yeah for sure

#200 Posted by EndlessMike (518 posts) -