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This week on the bombcast Samantha was laying pretty hard into the Ouya talk, is that a console that actually has any merit anymore? I figured when it was getting fundraising that it was going to be a flop and now that the market is flooded with crappy android "home consoles" from the likes of Amazon and other companies I just sort of guessed that it was dead already.

I still see the Ouya display at my local target looking all banged up and neglected so I knew they were still a company, but does anyone here have one that they actually use other than an emulator machine? I'm surprised to here someone talk about the Ouya as a developer when the PS4 has basically been the go to for indies as of late.

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As far as I'm concerned, it never had any merit. Or at least none worth speaking of.

I'm consistently baffled that they're still a company.

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@physicalscience: I guess it's probably easy to get your game on there because if you can get it to work on Android, you can just put it on Ouya for the fuck of it, but I'm pretty sure the devs know it will barely sell on Ouya.

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I knew that the Ouya was pretty much garbage when it finally launched, but the best/worst moment came when the official Ouya Twitter account tweeted something about enjoying some nice weekend gaming and attached a photo of an Ouya user playing...Donkey Kong Country. That tweet was deleted pretty quickly.

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@bisonhero: I'm actually shocked that indie's haven't gone ape shit over steam machines seeing how they are a Linux based system just like android.

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I don't know about you guys, but Ouya is my go-to console of choice.

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For a while I was using the Ouya as a streaming/mp4 device for my bedroom, but now I got a laptop with a broken screen doing that role.

Ouya < Laptop With A Broken Screen

(In its defense, the Ouya also cost much less than the Laptop With or without the Broken Screen.)

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I guess it's good for saying you got something released on a console? Not sure it'd hold much water though.

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I sure as hell don't. It's garbage. It sounded like a neat idea way back when the Kickstarter first popped up and everything, but I feel like they shot themselves in the foot by continuously trying to pretend like they could compete directly with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

Once the thing came out, I feel like most people expected the thing to tank. And while I assume it did well enough consider that they're still a company, I can't imagine anyone outside of Ouya employees and a handful of indie devs really give a flying fuck about the thing.

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I have no clue why anybody cared about it in the first place.

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I never had much faith in the OUYA. The idea that such a small team could release a competent console when giant companies take years to develop consoles that start their lives weaker than a mid range PC was a little absurd. You can't just slap a bunch of components together, put an aesthetically pleasing case on it and hope the machine will be good. I guess as an engineer I had a bit of a more grounded point of view than all the people who were so hyped about it.

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The hardware itself probably isn't particularly impressive, but I actually hear some people that are pretty enthusiastic about how close the community and game developers on that system get, being able to communicate directly through it's equivalent to Steam Community Hub or Miiverse.

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"The Stradivarius of controllers" they said with a straight face. No, fuck them and their android box.

Xbox and PS4 are now available to indie developers. By the time the Ouya came out the niche they thought they would fill had already been filled by Microsoft and Playstation's indie initiative.

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Didn't they announce that they were going to release the platform for use on systems that aren't the OUYA box? That way they can still sell you cheat codes for your emulated SNES games without having to sell you a shitty box.

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I still want my dollar back.

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Not really. The console itself never interested me to begin with, but all the crazy and dumb publicity stunts and other poor PR moves have pretty much cemented my position on never buying one.

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I think the openness of the platform and, as Samantha said, the appeal attached to having your game on a TV, in a living room means that indie developers are likely to care about it. It provides something that hasn't really been accessible before, or at least not for a very long time.

Unfortunately, the fact that the platform is kind of awful means that people who actually play games don't tend to think of the Ouya as anything more than a punchline.

It's a real shame how the whole thing worked out.