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...except thanks. :)

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@ez123: awwww

also, bump

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woah, this is awesome!

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Cool of you to do this!

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Thanks guys. One final bump just in case anyone who wants it missed it.

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Very helpful, thanks!

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i thought this one hell of a great podcast..they all were very informative..i only got to watch abit of it when i got home from work and missed the guests mostly..but on the whole i loved them
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Thanks for the link!

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Wait,is this the one with Michael Pactor? I'm so confused about which episodes I've listened to at this point....

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@nintendoeats: No it's just a 'setup test' podcast made in L.A. The Micheal pactor one was a regular one and made back in SF. This was never put on the feed or the bombcast page :)