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#51 Posted by Balex1908 (143 posts) -

Sessler, Barnett and Keighley who outside of his GT persona seems like a really cool dude who has interesting things to say.

Please, please, please, keep Pachter as far away as possible.

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David Jaffe is always fantastic, I love that dude. The Harmonix guys, plus Muir and Lang are essentials really.

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Just put David Jaffe in there , and you're set for the week . The guy can talk forever and is always interesting .

#54 Posted by RedCream (704 posts) -

McElroy, Jaffe, Muir, Sessler, Ryckert, Cliffy B, J Allard

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Pretty much anyone and everyone mentioned in this thread. They're almost all pretty interesting characters, so it would be nice to hear from as many people as possible. My only hesitation comes with certain developers: the ones that aren't very good at letting loose, and are really only there to say a few vague sentences about their game.

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David Jaffe

Phil Fish

Adam Sessler

Michael Pachter

Jeff Green

And even Geoff Keighley

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@animasta said:

@freakache said:

Leigh Alexander. I want to see inane fits of rage in these forums again.

I actually want this unironically.

Same. Let the old wounds heal Duders.

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Kaz Hirai, goddamnit. Everything points to that he'll be welcomed by all.

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Paul Barnett. He always says the craziest shit.

Justin McElroy. He's awesome.

There has been a Talkradar/GB cross-over only once twice (Talkradars 30 and 36? Years ago...) and even though it's not around anymore, I'd like to hear someone either from ex-Talkradar or RadioRadar. Henry Gilbert (GR), Chris Antista or Brett Elston (CapCommunity guys) would be awesome. Granted, there's a distinct difference in feel between the Bombcast and anything produced by GR, but I see a bunch of potential here. Besides, Ducktales Remastered is coming out - that's a legitimate excuse to get those guys on?

Also, Brian Ekberg. Outside of Vinny, my second favorite person to ever grace GB/GS.

#60 Posted by ch3burashka (5037 posts) -

Faye Reagan and Jayden Jaymes.

I don't think those shows are concurrent anymore; haven't been the last few years?