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I'm putting together a primer on podcasting for a communications class I'm a TA in, and I'd like to include the Bombcast as an example. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what editing software the GB guys use for the Bombcast, and possibly cite a source that I can use. I know they've discussed it on air, but I can't remember the specific program.

Thanks in advance!

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I think they used garage band in the early days, but I've no idea what they've progressed onto as the years have gone by. My advice would be just email the bombcast email and ask them, keeping the email super short; Ryan has said he replies to quick, easy and good questions.

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Awesome. Thanks!

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@MrViral: Yes, I'm sure they used Garage Band up until the moved back into the CBSi offices. It's a Mac application, however.

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I think they use Audacity now. If I remember correctly, the PCs in the podcast recording room are running Windows XP, so no Mac software there.

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Yep. Audacity... Ryan mentioned it a month or so ago

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Wait, the CBSi podcasting studio is Audacity based? Interesting. I would have expected professional audio software in there. That's actually kind of neat.

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THE OFFICIAL WORD, as written by Ryan Davis.

"Thanks for writing. The process has changed since we moved to CBS, as they have a proper radio-grade recording studio with hardware compressors and mixers and such. When it comes down to it, though, it's a combination of Audacity and GarageBand, and when we're doing podcasts on the road, it's GarageBand exclusively.

GarageBand is kind of a piece of shit, but I like it better than Audacity for editing and mixing multiple tracks, and the idea of buying ProTools for our silly videogame podcast seems wildly excessive.

Hope that answers your questions!