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I enjoy hearing the guys chatter on about various beverages and snacks, however I need to hear more crunch or that satisfying after taste that comes from a beverage. I did not buy these sound cards for nothing....

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Nothing I'd love more than hearing the MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM and YUMMMMMMMMMMM sounds they make louder. :D

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Yuck, that'd be disgusting

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I'm instantly reminded of two glorious movie scenes - first person views of Will Ferrell's character in Old School eating a strawberry on a beach, and the entire toast scene in Being John Malkovich. You get to hear the crunching, the swallowing, and then a magnificent finish with some gulping of coffee.

That's what should be on the bombcast.

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I love the sound of people crunching on my grapes

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homer eating :0

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Make it really gratuitous next time.

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Please no, that sounds insanely annoying. I really can't imagine there being a huge fanbase looking for a video game podcast with eating noises and I'm not part of that fanbase either.

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