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Now that the last proper bombcast of twenty-ot-eight has been released, which episode was your favorite overall? I think mine right now is 9/23 with the constant sirens and Ice T's gaming habits.

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Thordain said:
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Rich Gallup that all I'm going to says.

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Difficult to choose, they've all been so good.

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I'm gonna go with the Snakecast.

"The system..."

"Controlled... by the system..."


Time for a rerun. *goes off to replay*

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I felt giddy for the whole PAX cast so ill go with that.

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Uh, I don't know. There are so many good ones. I loved the April 29 one (GTA IV launch one), because they were so out of it, and then again, same with PAX.  I have liked all of them to be honest :)

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As a...Bombcast master *ahem* i feel like i can safely, without a doubt, hand on heart, positively say...that i have no idea! they are all gems in their own right! sure, a few might be lesser gems. but gems!

Gems accompanied by a picture that always sets the mood and tone!

If you honestly made me choose...i'd probably wan't to say 4-01-2008 but then i'd say 05-06-2008, i mean you can't choose! its a Sophies Choice, but the choice is out of 56 odd.

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Center mass bolt action rifle.

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It definetly is tough to choose because each one is so great in their own right. My other favorite is 11-04-08 with Marcus Fenix at home and Brad's ant infestation.

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That was a good one (too many people hated the repition)
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I loved the one with Jeff and Ryan talking about their drunken trip which I think was the last one or the one before, that had me laughing.

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Like some of you have said, PAX is mosdef up there, as well as the Snakecast. 
But I really liked how they were doing a new taste test there for every week around the start of the site. 
Again, there are no real bad ones.

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I stopped listening after the real site launched.

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hungrynun said:
"Center mass bolt action rifle."
Ah yes, this was a great one.
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Levio91 said:
"I stopped listening after the real site launched."
You should start again. As someone who enjoys this site, you're missing out.

My favorite was maybe the one where he was talking about shooting the ant hill. It was sometime in August I think.
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they're all great, but I remember laughing the most at the 12/9 one.

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Top 3

11/4/08: Brad talking about ants infesting his cable modem.

10/8/08: Japanese toilet seats. 'Nuff said.

7/29/08: Hemp milk.

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Dude the TGS podcasts are the best for sure.

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Too many good ones to choose.

The Arrow Pointing Down Podcast Beta.

The PAX and TGS shows. 

The Jeff/Dave/Alex show.

And the Giant Spoiler Snakecast.

Good stuff.

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Definitely the Arrow Pointing Down Podcast Beta.

All of them have been amazing though.
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I laughed, out loud, when they were talking about Giant Bomb merchandise. Jeff mentions a Giant Bomb briefcase, take it to the airport for a fun surprise!

I've also been a fan of the drink reviews.. it's the first Arrow Pointing Down cast that got me drinking Gatorade Tiger.

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I've only been listening for a couple months but for some reason I remember 11/11/08 being great. If that was the one with Planet Pachinko as the WiiWare game, that one, because that shit was hilar.

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The one that was redone.  Absolutely hilarious, shorter than usual, and was absolutely awesome...

...but it IS tough to beat Rich Gallup joining in.
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i guess the one where dracula is still a threat was said ..i think i think vinny and brad were guesting on it at the time i think..not sure though..but they are all good in my view...informative mixed with humour...

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I like the one where they yell about stuff.

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11/4 - Brad and his ants/marcus fenix at home
8/30 - PAX
10/7-10 - TGS
sooo many more!!

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ajr123 said:
"11/4 - Brad and his ants/marcus fenix at home
8/30 - PAX
10/7-10 - TGS
sooo many more!!"
lol i remember Marcus fenix one, i was laughing on the buss for ages, yh your top two i would say would be mine.
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Either the one where they were all Drunk with Rich doing the announcing.  But I also loved one of the last ones of 2008 where Brad just brings up dinosaurs having sex with cars.