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#1 Posted by sidlord (11 posts) -
#2 Posted by gingertastic_10 (4141 posts) -

Oh god why are you making me pick! I guess G. All of the above.

#3 Posted by zombie2011 (4982 posts) -

Brad because he's got the voice fit for radio.

#4 Posted by punkxblaze (2990 posts) -

Drew just because we don't honestly know much about him.

#5 Posted by Gamer_152 (14091 posts) -

Jeff. No offense to any of the other guys because they all do an awesome job and I really mean that, but Jeff has been my absolute favourite video game critic for quite a while.

#6 Posted by sdauz (430 posts) -

Who agrees with me that Vinny is awesome! he has soo much funny material

#7 Posted by ChickenPants (934 posts) -

I'd have to say Jeff , closely followed by Vinny. I love when Dave sits in too.

#8 Posted by CitizenKane (10507 posts) -
Moving to the Bombcast forum.
#9 Posted by Scooper (7881 posts) -

Vinny because he's always full of energy!

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Jeff! Drew also.
No love for Ryan in here! He's got no votes :(

#11 Posted by Drebin_893 (2923 posts) -

Vinny and Brad are pretty much tied. 
Then Jeff and Ryan.
Then Drew and Dave. 
And by the way, I love them all so, so much.

#12 Posted by alexl86 (627 posts) -

Jeff, without a doubt. That's not to say I don't like the other guys, I just find myself enjoying them more when Jeff is there.

#13 Posted by trophyhunter (5800 posts) -

who the hell said drew?
he never even talks on the bombcast

#14 Posted by buzz_clik (6989 posts) -

This is too Sophie's Choice for me to handle.

#15 Posted by Shane394 (118 posts) -

This is kinda messed up.

#16 Posted by Tuggah (1072 posts) -

Drew, and Brad are tied, went with Drew because he needs the love.

#17 Posted by ArbitraryWater (11917 posts) -

Probably Jeff, although I like Vinny for his weird sense of humor. But in reality, I think they all work.

#18 Posted by Zeouterlimits (181 posts) -

Wow, Jeff & Vinny destroying.

#19 Posted by punkxblaze (2990 posts) -

Drew aside, Vinny. I starting taking a liking to him when he started unleashing his sense of humour on the bombcast bit by bit.
"That's called a turban, you fucking racist."

#20 Posted by JJOR64 (19023 posts) -

This is like saying "Who is you favorite child?"  You just can't do it.

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Jeff is the MVB, straight up. JEAH!~

#23 Posted by John_Bender (99 posts) -

Ryan deserves props for bringing order to the chaos. Even if contributes more then his fair share. 

#24 Posted by Ken420 (150 posts) -

Overall I enjoy Jeff's comments & various voices the best.  But everybody brings a little something to the table.

#25 Posted by yakov456 (1917 posts) -

The fat guy with the goatee.

#26 Posted by hunkaburningluv (568 posts) -

Vinnie is my fave, but all the guys are pretty great......

#27 Posted by lemon360 (1102 posts) -

What?! How is Vinny tied with Jeff? Jeff is hiliarious and the site got awesome right after he came back (the arkham review is up). Vinny isn't even as funny as Ryan. Jeff and Ryan are the funny guys. Its all these die-hard ER fans voting Vinny.
#28 Posted by turbomonkey138 (4950 posts) -

i demand all of the above option

#29 Posted by ArchScabby (5809 posts) -

I picked dave because he is just as good as the regular guys, but he isn't on the bombcast very much so when he is it's an exciting treat which makes him seem better.

#30 Posted by TheMikelGuereca (102 posts) -

Gotta say Jeff is awesome and voices an honest opinion about video games, however Vinny got the quirky jokes cover that Jeff plays along with.

#31 Posted by Fallen189 (5034 posts) -

Any but Jeff.

#32 Posted by jkz (4043 posts) -

Brad or Vinny......Vinny for the humor, Brad for the deeper insight.

#33 Posted by Expletive (1057 posts) -

Vinny and Jeff

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@punkxblaze said:
" Drew aside, Vinny. I starting taking a liking to him when he started unleashing his sense of humour on the bombcast bit by bit.  "That's called a turban, you fucking racist." "
God, Yes! I'll be honest I came here because of Jeff and Ryan, but Vinny has become a little heart-warmer, being the eternal optimist and all, and he's slowly creeping up to being my favorite.
#35 Posted by Yunvon (122 posts) -

I don't know who to pick!?  They all bring something different to the table and it all works.  Though does Dave really count?  I like him, but I think he really more works for one of those other sister sites.  

#36 Posted by spankingaddict (2707 posts) -

Brad, but i like all of them...

#37 Posted by Fbomb (1168 posts) -

Dave. Brings in the more random element.

#38 Posted by Cloneslayer (1636 posts) -

I love Vinny's nonsensical style. He is the best. 
Though I love all bombcast members.

#39 Posted by Gav47 (1542 posts) -

Vinny is the best

#40 Posted by Skillface (565 posts) -

Ryan, definitely. Often has a lot to bring to discussions.

#41 Posted by Cornman89 (1579 posts) -

That Dave's one hell of a guy, too.

#42 Posted by EdIsCool (1122 posts) -

I hear that Alex Navarro is great....

#43 Posted by Arjuna (888 posts) -

I just wanna say, BRAD is my second pick.

#44 Posted by Snipper138 (342 posts) -

vinny is the funniest to me

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#46 Posted by Blair (2513 posts) -

This is a really hard question.   
I voted Ryan as my favorite, however, collectively they are best.

#47 Posted by Pappasman (119 posts) -

i like all of them equally. but vinny has some great moments.

#48 Posted by MrRedwine (430 posts) -

wow, Vinnie's a popular guy.

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Jeff and Vinny are the best. But Vinny's humor only works when Jeff is around so Jeff.