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Just wondering if there was going to be one this year.

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I don't think so

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Isn't patrick the only that went this year?

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@UlquioKani: Jeff and Brad went too didnt they?

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@Morningstar said:

@UlquioKani: Jeff and Brad went too didnt they?

no they went to the microsoft event together

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I believe we'll see something later this week.

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I was hoping for a 24 hour Vignocci-cast

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the top men are getting older and therefore can't handle the event/drinking/walking around like they used to.

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That sucks, the live GDC podcast last year with Adam Sessler was nice.

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They all went. Instead of a podcast we got a gif of them eating popcorn. :|

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Well.... I hope we get some content out of this?

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Yeah it sort of sucks! last years GDC podcast was awesome with all the guests, Adam Sess, the Idle Thumbs reunion with live Space Asshole, sucks that they followed it up this year with nothing. But with Jeff's emergency family problems and Ryan getting engaged maybe they were just too busy, but it sucks hearing no word at all about it, hell there wasn't even an I LOVE Mondays this week or TNT. Ryan had even said before on the DFHAT live cast that they had big plans for GDC, and asked on twitter for call outs on who would want to show up for a podcast thing, oh well.

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Surprised how little they've done with GDC this week.

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Adam Sessler was EvERY where this year. I would see him at least 3 times a day during the expo. But ya, suck that there was no podcast/party

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@seanfoster said:

Surprised how little they've done with GDC this week.

Yea I agree they didn't even mention Kara :/

Also last years GDC podcast was one of the best. I wish Adam Sessler would get off G4 and go someplace where they let him be more free.

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I'm surprised at how little content there was this week, including none at all yesterday. Did I miss something?

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According to the Invisible Walls podcast, GDC this year was rather meager and a lot of it is under embargo for a few weeks, so that might have something to do with the lack of content.

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@Paulus: GDC is open to the public right? Why would there be embargoes?

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@Bocam: Maybe there's a lot of stuff behind the scenes? I don't know, but that still doesn't seem like a reason to not have a podcast. Must be some other reason.

And to those guys wondering whether they went or not, I'm pretty sure GDC was close enough to their office that Brad and Jeff were able to go for a bit and come back to the office within the same day easily.

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Maybe they'll post some more gdc content next week :s I really hope they're just holding back gdc podcasts.

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@Bocam: As far as I know, the only video game events that are open to the public are:

  • GamesCom, in Germany
  • PAX East and West
  • The one public day at TGS

The rest? Open to members of the industry, video game press or... Anyone who can cough up the minimum of USD $195 to attend. And that's pretty steep for even the most hardcore of video game enthusiasts.

To be fair, GDC never was the venue for major announcements (barring the SimCity 5, Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut announcements), but more for the lectures and the IGF. It just happened to be the time that all of GB's friends in the industry happened to attend. And judging from the crew's twitter feeds, not a lot of them are attending this year.

Also, again from their twitter feeds, they've been catching up with this week's major releases, more specifically: MASS EFFECT 3.

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While GDC is open to the public, it is NOT a public event. Its not a press or fan event, it is for developers! E3 is for press and PAX is for fans.

GDC is almost walking distances for the whiskey media offices, Patrick was covering GDC.

Also, there wasn't much to report from GDC, since its about sharing ideas and not products like E3