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Balls of steel indeed. I love ryan's laugh at 1:22.

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Peter's balls is a classic

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Great job on these!

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God I never really visualized the liver spots. Thanks for THAT. 

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This is the Citizen Kane of animated GB podcasts involving balls.

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nasty bro.

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Oh dear god that's awesome  
EDIT: Anyone think that Ryan sounds a little like Greg Kasavin in the Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh one?
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sooooo gooood

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Oh my....the best one so far!

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I love you! These are awesome. Uh uh uh uh uh is still my favorite though.

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Oh god, i almost died. 
and nice balance between animation and stills.

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too much balls for me to handle

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Fannnnnntastic work, I love em, more, moooooore!!!

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First I prefered the animated one but after this one I don't mind at all. 
Especially if it means that you can churn them out faster or just make them longer :) 
Great work!

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Muh balls.

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Yeah, these are great.  I'd like it if it more if it was animated as it could perhaps make it somewhat more dynamic, but it's fine as it is now.

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@Hirashin: You should do the entire Adam and Johnny V podcast
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Oh god, the new video made me laugh like no other has. Bravo!

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Brilliant :D Keep up the good work!

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I'd actually like to see some of these set to either of the endurance run's great moments...which basically means the P4 ones.

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I love it!  I love it!
what else do you have planned?  Maybe something with some guest characters?

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I can't wait to potentially see one of Jeff doing the drunken, tired Sam Fisher impressions. =P

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Do the Swedish candy one :D sometime. These clips are getting better and better.

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These animations are "charmingly garrulous" in every way!  Hopefully they will just hire you on to animate all podcasts from here on out.

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@Bloviator:  You know it. That's why I didn't specifically call these Bombcast animated. So I could do other things, like quick looks and endurance runs.
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More and more this reminds me of how Ricky Gervais(sp?) turned his podcast into an awesome cartoon. Great stuff.

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Hell yeah, Balls.

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*stands up and cheers* 

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lol brads just gets so angry at the mention of BALLS

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These animations are great!

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Great. The E3 podcasts should have some great moments.

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hahaha, I'm laughing my ass off watching these. They were already pretty funny parts of the bombcast, but there's something about the seeing stills for each moment, and the way they are cut off that make them incredibly good. Keep up the good work.

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Very well done! I'm greatly enjoying these.

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awesome job man. they need to pay you for these :-P

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I saw balls.

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Awesome stuff. 

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Goooooood stuff. Oh man.

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these are good

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Could someone link me to the uhuhuhuh one please,

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Great videos!

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@Hirashin: These are some saucy videos, man. Next you have to do cunt and the hockey powder.
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@tkalsey said:
" Could someone link me to the uhuhuhuh one please, "
it's in the first post, under a spoiler tab
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do we dare ask for a 775 million animation?
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@Hirashin: Why did you take a step back with the animation. Come on man push your self.
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Yes. Yes. Yes. Keep it up!

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@Jeffsekai:  There seems to be a lot of debate on which is better.  Maybe someone should make a poll, heh.
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@Diamond said:
" @Jeffsekai:  There seems to be a lot of debate on which is better.  Maybe someone should make a poll, heh. "
Its called Animation not fucking Slideshow. 
Add some Animation.
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Mate, these are fantastic, so so good.