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It can never be long enough. I dont have any friends who that inside baseball when it comes to games so I could listen to there stories forever.

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Jesus Christ... I can understand if it was too short, but too long, really? I'm sure out of your entire week you can fit in 3-4 hours of podcast.

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Then go listen to other podcasts that are of a suitable length? Or just listen to half one day and half the next, I'm sure you have more than 3 hours of time to listen to podcasts over the course of an entire week.

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Listening to the bombcast is like watching an episode of Seinfeld with some game talk mixed in.

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This seems like a ridiculous request. I listen to podcasts when I drive, workout, play games, and basically instead of TV. You're allowed to split it up. I don't think anyone just sits around and listens to a podcast straight through. You can make it last for a week if you just listen to a little here and there.

For me, I would rather hear them talk about the non video game stuff, because it's more interesting. I really would not enjoy a 90 minute "video game of the week" talk by the guys. There are plenty of other podcasts you can go to for that.

What's next if that happens, Quick Looks that are actually quick? Bah.

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working as intended

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Petition to increase the Bombcast to five hours starts here.

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Fuck no.

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@shaunage said:

Petition to increase the Bombcast to five hours starts here.


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Double all the content, I love mondays...podcast.. tnt.. fridays. Double it up, or double it down. Delicious.

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I love the long podcasts. Just try to listen to it in section. Split it into two files or something.

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I like them on the longer side. Having the podcast be 3 hours is perfect for me. My job involves lots of driving around and it's nice to be able to listen to it throughout the day.

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It can never be long enough. I dont have any friends who that inside baseball when it comes to games so I could listen to there stories forever.

So true.

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"Giant Bombcast is ridiculously long"

Does. Not. Compute.

If anything, I hate it when it's sub two hours. How do you not have time between this Tuesday and the next to listen to it?????

Bomb Crew, don't listen to this guy. You keep recording on. REC button on full indefinite hold!! NOTHING STOPS THE BOMBCAST TRAIN!!

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Longer the better keep it going boys.

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Bring the 5 hour petition my way. I too will sign!

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I rarely listen to podcasts in one sitting. Just listen to it throughout your week in sections.

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The longer the better. I wouldn't mind a 4 hour one.

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I like others here. I listen to it on my 15 minute commute to do the weekly food shop. So 10 mins waiting for the bus. 15 mins travle. 20 to 30 mins to go to the shop and then catch the next bus. another 15 mins I am home. So that is half the bombcast done.

If I dont bang it on while in the house. the next time I go out to either food shop or somthing else. I get another hour to two hours.

Infact I couldnt help myself and listened to it while playing far cry 3....and I am still listening to emails while doing this post.

And while it may be 3hrs long and you want 90s mins....why not just stop at 90mins? You will be getting the same content as these guys would just rush news and emails. So its fully in your power to make it 90mins.

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Like most have said, it can't be long enough.

I mostly get to only listen to it on my 15-20min commute, so about the time I am done with one week the next has already be loaded up. It's far more interesting to the radio so I prefer it and it's at times tri-hour length.

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@iceman228433 said:

Longer the better keep it going boys.

That's what she said.

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I want the Bombcast to be longer.

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This doesn't seem to be going that way he wanted.

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Around 3 hours is perfect in my opinion.
Long enough for it to last a good while, short enough for you to be able to listen to one each week.
Sometimes I pause it, and if I don't finish it there's always next week.

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Solution: Jeff does those gaming minutes! You should be able to fit them in while you have a family and job unless you have too much of one of those.

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Alright everybody I've solved this thread and I would like that to be acknowledged by everyone

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How hard is it to carry it around with you and listen during down time?

On your commute, waiting in line, taking a shit, lunch break, cooking, cleaning, literally any fucking task that doesn't require that you focus your absolute attention on it can be accompanied by a podcast.

You are asking to be given less of a distraction from all the monotonous shit in your life. Fucking why?

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I don't mind the length, I just wish there was some way they could do chapter markers or timestamps or something. There are times I just don't have interest in what they are talking about or want to avoid spoiling something.

I'm totally with you. I don't mind the length per se, sometimes I just want to cut to the chase.

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@gla55jaw said:

I don't think anyone just sits around and listens to a podcast straight through.

I do. I don't do anything I don't need focus and/or sound for, so I set some time aside to listen to a podcast with Twitch.tv on mute to keep my eyes busy. I used to play Minecraft, but I finished the giant hole I was digging and didn't want to start another one.

If you want the podcast to be 1.5 hours then just pretend there's two podcasts a week.

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I am the exact opposite. I love long podcasts and I love it when they don't talk about games cause what do I care what they have to say about games. I pay them to do stupid things on video and audio.

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I am the exact opposite. I love long podcasts and I love it when they don't talk about games cause what do I care what they have to say about games. I pay them to do stupid things on video and audio.

This right here for me. Love Giant LONGcasts and I love hearing them talk about non-gaming topics.

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Im happy with the length of the bombcast and what topics they discuss. Its what makes giantbomb different from other sites.

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What exactly is a bombcast/podcast?

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@savingpvtbryan said:

Does anyone else have this issue or is it just me?

The great thing about a podcast is that you do not need to listen to the whole thing at one, or have to listen to the whole thing, or listen to it on a weekly basis.

A lot of people enjoy the Bombcast because it is filled with tangents and the general feeling of disorganization. The second you try to fit the podcast into an hour and half then you have to remove those tangents, implement strict editing, and being militant to a certain structure. If the Bombcast implemented even one of those techniques then what made the podcast special disappears.

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I listen to the bombcast multiple times most weeks so no it's not too long.

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Long-cast is long.

But not long enough, I want that shit hooked straight up to my ears all day long!

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I like the podcast being long. Our arguments cancel each other out and the status quo remains.

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They shouldn't cut down the podcast. If I wanted short and concise opinions on games I watch the Quick Looks and read the reviews. I don't think you can cut out 1.5 hours of shenanigans and still expect it to be just as entertaining.

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How about they make it 5 hours long?

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Are you fo real?

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Fuck that noise. 4 hours minimum.

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srsly though, just pretend its 2-3 smaller podcasts

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I really hope this isn't a serious request. I can understand that you are busy; congratulations on holding down a job and a family. You have to understand, however, that it is just the slightest bit ... I'm not sure pretentious is the word I'm looking for, but that's what comes to mind, that you suggest they change the content that the vast majority of the audience loves the way it is just to suit your personal situation. Maybe you just need to accept that you are in a different place in life now and you'll have to adjust. Sorry man. Plus, all you have to do is allot half an hour a day to finish the podcast every week. You don't have to finish it in one sitting. I almost never do. Being a full time student doesn't allow enough time.

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Needs to be LONGER! I listen to podcasts while driving, cooking... showering. There's too many hours in a day and not enough BOMBCAST to cover it!

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I listen to mine on the go with podkicker, it saves the position of my podcast when i stop listening, even if i listen to multiple podcasts it saves my progress on each individually, usually i listen to maybe 5-6 hours of podcast a week. I have kids too so i know what you are getting at, its a difficult balance but usually i just have a one earphone set up while doing the chores round the house, washing dishes, hoovering that kind of thing.