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You're ridiculously long, fake SexyToad.

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You're ridiculously long, fake SexyToad.


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I agree that it's long enough if this is the only podcast I listen to. However, I don't. I probably listen to 5 other podcasts also. Giant Bomb cast needs to be reduced to 1.5 hours!!!!!! GET TO THE POINT GUYS!!

Then don't listen to so many podcasts? And why did you bump this just to say the same thing, again, when almost every other person has already said that they like the length?

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@savingpvtbryan: My theory is that this topic went so badly that you went into a coma for a month and reset for a do over

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Keep it loooooooong

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It's "Giant Bombcast". "GIANT Bombcast". Ain't nuttin' giant about an hour and half.

I understand that people find it long and meandering but I listen to it while I work so I have five hours more than I need every day :)

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I love it that it's at least three hours long. As others have said, I'm a little saddened when it doesn't hit three hours. I sometimes have trouble fitting in the whole thing during a week as I listen to a lot of other podcasts but I fit it in when I can. If I'm cooking I stick it on, washing up, it's on, going to work, whenever. You'll be surprised how much you can get through by doing it that way.

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Stretch it out for a week.

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The Bombcast is too short, please make it longer so that it lasts throughout my whole workday, in fact please make one every single work day of the week so that I never run out of podcasts at work.


Different people different strokes, but as the others have said, there is nothing wrong with splitting the podcast up throughout the week. I don't see the problem personally.

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I work at a job by myself all night. The quiet kills me without podcasts or something to listen to so it could be even longer and I'd be happy. Totally understand it being hard to find time if you work a full time day job though.

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Hey don't like it? Then why don't you make like a tree and get out of here.

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A whole week to listen to three hours? It's really not that hard, I don't care how busy you are. You can do other things while listening, such as drive, play games, work out, whatever.

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@soapy86 said:

The Bombcast doesn't revolve around you.

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The Bombcast is ridiculously long. The sky is up. Water is wet. Some things are just inarguable constants.

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@savingpvtbryan: You don't HAVE to listen to the entire thing. You could just listen in chunks until the next one is released and then switch to the new one. There is no completionist achievement for podcast listening.

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we've now been yelling at this guy for two months straight about this

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Don't like long Bombcasts? Don't eat.

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I listen to it to and from classes, and I end up getting through the whole thing around twice before the next bombcast comes out.
so no, I want it long. XD

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@alex said:

The Bombcast is ridiculously long. The sky is up. Water is wet. Some things are just inarguable constants.

In Australia the sky is down and in Antarctica water is dry. But the bombcast is long everywhere, just how it should be.

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You want a 1.5 hour Bombcast? Only listen to it for 1.5 hours then. Skip right to the outro when you've had enough. Boom. The second half never happened for you. Everyone's happy.

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More content = good, right?

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@the_laughing_man said:

Listen to sections during driving. There ya go.

@soapy86 said:

The Bombcast doesn't revolve around you.

Yeah, basically. I'm sure you can find 3 hours a week. If you have a commute, just listen to it every time you hop in the car. You're bound to finish it unless you count a 15 minutes drive as a "commute." You can also listen to the podcast on lunch breaks, during workouts, hell even during sex. That last one is especially fun, trust me! ;D Oh, and pop a comfy pair of earbuds in before bed to fall asleep to or something.

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Its three hours long and OP wants it to be about 1.5 hours long. Why doesn't he listen to it in two sections?

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@redgonzo said:

Hey don't like it? Then why don't you make like a tree and get out of here.

lmao sweet bump brah

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Old topic is old, but fuck no, the longer it is the better.

Oh my :3~

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I've been meaning to write this post for a long time but I've never had the chance to.

Bottom line: The Giant Bombcast podcast is way too long, generally speaking. Please limit it to 1.5 hours per episode. I've got a job and family now, I can't spend 3 hours a week listening to just one podcast.

I've been a longtime listener of Jeff, Ryan, Brad, Alex, et al. and followed them here from Gamespot. The Hotspot was a podcast I listened to religiously. I loved these guys so much that I came to Giant Bomb and became a paid subscriber (I still am although I'm not as active as I used to be on Gamespot). If I was younger I wouldn't mind listening to all the extra stuff the guys on the podcast talk about but I've got a career and family now so it's very difficult for me to listen to just one podcast for three hours. Gaming is and always will be a very important part of my life and the guys at Giant Bomb have helped me keep my connection to the gaming world for a long time. I only wish they could do it in 90 minutes or less. A podcast that was structured for people like me would be much appreciated.

Does anyone else have this issue or is it just me?

You're an adult now. Make hard adult choices. Either find the time to listen to the Bombcast if it matters that much to you. Or realize it doesn't and let go of it.

You make decision like this with finances, do the same with your free time.

I can't keep up with all the video content on this site, but i don't want them to do less of it because I can't always find the time.

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Personnaly I enjoyed the Hotspot back in the day more than the Bombcast now, it was a reasonable amount of time and conversations pretty much stayed on track.

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I listen to it in sections too. Usually I'll listen to the first half before sleep, and the rest of it the next day.

#231 Posted by NTM (7516 posts) -

No, I don't have the same problem, but I find myself skipping a lot of what they're talking about to hear the things I'm interested in, and if they have nothing to say that I'm interested in at all, I won't listen to the podcast. I wish they would add... Well actually, as I type this, this seems about right from how I feel:

I don't mind the length, I just wish there was some way they could do chapter markers or timestamps or something. There are times I just don't have interest in what they are talking about or want to avoid spoiling something.

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i never understand these constant threads saying that the bombcast is too long. who's forcing you to listen to it all at once? hey, i have a life too, and that's why i listen to it in segments throughout the week. i have commutes and i do menial tasks, and the bombcast is perfect for those situations.

there's no way throughout an entire week do you have less than 3 hours of cognitive downtime. if you're so busy that you cant even concentrate on listening to something for 3 hours separated throughout an entire week, then that blows my mind.

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IF ANYTHING, it should be LONGER

I second that. Well said sir.

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You seem like a nice dude @savingpvtbryan and I'm sorry you feel you can't enjoy the things you like but I assure you, you aren't as busy as you think you are. You should schedule a massage for yourself or something man. Just think, you could have been listening to the bombcast instead of writing this post or reading my comment. Find a way to de-stress, it's easier to make that time for yourself than you think.

Good luck man,

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I remember the threat of it being cut in half for non prem members.

Yeah did anyone ever hear the exact details about that?

#236 Posted by SharpShotApollo (146 posts) -

So it's decided then? The bombcast needs to come out in IV form? Directly into my veins!!

#237 Posted by Orbitz (67 posts) -

I usually put it on in the background while I do other stuff. I'm glad it's as long as it is personally.

Having said that, I don't exactly listen to it often.. Only once in a while to be honest. It's great though!

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3+ hour bombcasts are the best bombcasts.

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will the regularly scheduled bombcasts reach the 4 hour mark at some point?

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i want like a ten hour bombcast where the guys are like killing each-other out of madness at the end. GOTY was not contentious enough this year.

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Nothing stops the Bombcast.

I demand that the first hour be about nothing even related to gaming.

#242 Posted by Matt_F606 (320 posts) -

The longer the podcast the fucking better. NEVER CHANGE BOMBCAST! NEVER CHANGE!

What he said! The Bombcast is cool just the way it is.