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I just loved this extract from recent bombcast. They were taking a question from Lucas Blane: "Would you be willing to give up half of what you now own for a pill that would permanently change you so that one hour of sleep each day would fully refresh you?"

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I think the "Fully Refreshed" part is the most important factor. There are days where I sleep for a disgusting 10 hours and still don't feel fully refreshed, so I'd take the pill for that aspect alone. All of that extra spare time is just an added bonus.

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I would love to have that pill... but I'd also hate to lose so much of my shit.

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Hell, II would lose ALL my stuff for that wonderpill! All that extra time for activities! I could learn to do so many different things!

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It would be fucking awesome and the worst thing ever at the same time. While I would like to have all the time in the world, on the other hand I love sleeping. I'm a professional napper. Like this:

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There's no way that I wouldn't take that pill. I'd trade everything that I didn't absolutely need (and my PC HDD) for that pill.

On the subject of not being able to sleep when you want to, like on a 14 hour plane ride or something, fine. I'll have some noise-cancelling headphones, loud music, and several games to play through on the way. Even if I don't have those things at all, the excruciating 14 hours of boredom would more than be made up for by the amount of life that frees up for me to do whatever.

And whatever would I do? Everything! I pulled an all nighter last week to finish a book and an essay and the extra time I got from that actually felt pretty good despite being very tired all day. Get that extra time every night, with no repercussions and the time to myself? Sure! How could you not want that?

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@AlexanderSheen: Now that you bring it up, that show finally got good in episode 7! Now it just needs to stay that way!

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I'd trade the other half of my stuff for another pill that made it so I didn't have to eat or get sick. Running at 100% for 23/24ths of the day, every day, forever, sounds pretty ballin'.

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Gimmie gimmie.

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That pill exists. It's called Modafinil. It's expensive as fuck, though.

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The thing is the law for rollover hours. If I go X number of full days without sleep can I then take an X hour nap to avoid dreading with a social event. And will people figure out why I chose to queue my hours, leading to angry dinner party guests, etc.

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That's a tough choice. I'd be really efficient on one hand but on the other...sleep is the fucking best.

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I'm tired all the time and fucking hate it. So yes, I would give up a lot to feel fully refreshed ever. Extra free time would probably suck more than it would help at the moment, but when I start working properly again it could be a dreampill.

I'm really attached to most of my stuff though, so that's gonna suck a lot. :(