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Yo duders, I made some Valentines to pass out to your friends and loved ones that share your love for Da Bomb. Check 'em out.

All hastily made with love. With bonus Will Smith 'tine hidden inside.

thank you

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Well these are just fantastic!

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Beautiful, my loved ones will truly appreciate them.

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All great, but man, that first one made me laugh a lot.

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Fuck, these are good!

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I saw these on Tumblr, and they're damn good. My only criticism would be that the text could be presented a little better, especially on the creepy Jeff one which is otherwise my favourite. Good work.

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The "Quick Look" one is my favorite.

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Haha, love them.

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@gamer_152: They were hastily made, as mentioned, but that doesn't excuse my terribleness.

But thank you anyway!

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oh my god these are great

also not gender specific too, which I appreciate

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God dammit those are all so amazing. This is the only thing I could come up with. Way too tired over here. D:

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Stellar work. Have you considered going into world of professional greeting card author?

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These are fantastic! Good job duder. :)

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The about comments on Patrick's articles made me laugh. Great work.

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I made three more just now. I apologize.