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What is the difference between the Giant Bombcast 02/04/2014 and the Giant Bombcast 02/04/2014 [Premium]

Thanks in advance.



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With premium you miss the wonderful commercial?

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Premium doesn't have the ad, that is all.

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Premium doesn't have the ad at the start of the show, but the ADs are the funniest part of the show more often than not.

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It is my firm belief that premium should have MORE ads.

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Thanks for the info guys!

Much appreciate it.

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This might be the first time in history that an audience wants more ads. Outside of the Super Bowl, maybe.

Premium members often mention going for the regular one, anyway, just to hear Jeff and Vinny's back-and-forth seemingly impromptu Squarespace advertising.

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those ads were a brilliant move. behold these revenue geniuses.