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A week in the making! Seeing Ryan's video shortly after my last group drawing of the fellas sparked my inspiration fire. So I waited each day to see what was coming next and created that character and added them to the mayhem. It was nice to see Drew and Alex in the mix this time (this time being my drawings, and not GOTY deliberations). I hope you guys enjoy, and this was done on Photoshop Elements 9. It doesn't like my tablet too much.

I cropped out each character too. I just wanted to show some of the characters that were blocked by others.

EDIT: I was so excited to post this picture that I did not notice how "funky" (not the good kind) that Jeff looked. His Right hand was HUGE and his right arm was much shorter than the left, and he had a tiny leg, and only one of them. I blame the fact that I had him hidden behind Ryan the whole time and never noticed. You can see the old Jeff in my images on my profile. Anyways, hope I fixed him. I re-posted his image and the main one. Thanks!

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This is supposed to be a picture of the guys in their costumes fighting, lol. The ones from the videos. Not sure if that is clear. If it isn't, that is my fault.

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Apart from the Patrick one, it's great!

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Drew and Vinny are the best, as in real life. Kleptok, report!

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I love the gamebomb.ru logo

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This is fantastic. Awesome job!

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That's pretty baller.

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You have skills, maybe even skillz.

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VINNY! Good job duder.

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All that's left is for somebody ballsy enough to make a fighting game about this.

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I think it needs a little more work, especially Ryan

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@deathstriker666 said:

I think it needs a little more work, especially Ryan

really? Ryan's is my favorite.

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I didn't see Patrick at first, but then I did.
Shame, otherwise, great work!

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Someone should turn this into some sort of flash fighting game.

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Awesome job Duder!
You really captured Vinny's beauty.

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That's pretty awesome, dude!

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You done good.

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Nicely done

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Great work!

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@BraveToaster said:

Someone should turn this into some sort of flash fighting game.

I second this. Screw production quality, someone just get it done! :P

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@thefishofwisdom said:

I love the gamebomb.ru logo

Yes, excellent little touch there.

Saved in my 'weird pics related to GB' folder.

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@BraveToaster said:

Someone should turn this into some sort of flash fighting game.

I did model Vinny's shoes after Cody's from Street Fighter, lol.

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Phantasm Kleptok vs Ghost Alex is my favorite

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@OroJackson: Bless you for saying that! So many people were saying some rough things about it I thought I drew it weird. It was the only way I could see in my mind's eye to draw it. I think maybe those people saying bad things are just not a fan of the Rock God.

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I love that the logo on the missile looks like the gamebomb.ru logo.

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I love that Klepok is fighting Phantom Alex. Nice touch to a real funny image!

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@ffdthree said:

@deathstriker666 said:

I think it needs a little more work, especially Ryan

really? Ryan's is my favorite.

He makes a good point, except I don't agree with him about Ryan. I normally don't shadow work because I like the flat look. And Ryan's poncho not having a lot of detail was a design choice. While I love the way everyone else turned out, I do need to do a little work on Jeff. I will fix him in the morning. I have had him hidden behind Ryan so long I didn't realize his leg was tiny and his right hand was HUGE.

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Great job!

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Really nice work! :D

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I "fixed" Jeff. Please take a look at the before and after on my profile, lol.

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Good work.

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This is pretty neat. I love seeing things put together like this by the community. Kleptok represent! Wubwubwubwubwahhhwahhh

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I approve

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Simply great! Nice work.

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Well done sir.

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Hey guys! Thanks!

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Drew pressing "the button" is amazing. Great job!

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Ryan keeps pimping that other drawing of the GOTY guys on Twitter. He hurts my heart. =(

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Great job!

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This is absolutely amazing. You are absolutely amazing!