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As we all know Heat is a fantastic movie, an inarguable classic, and it's clear that Ryan and Jeff share this view. A long time ago (2008 I think) they received an email from a listener which contained a mp3 of said listener performing a one-man version of the "GIMME ALL YA GOT!" scene from the film. It was amazing. Now what I want to know is: does anyone know which specific episode of the Bombcast this happened on?

BONUS: Find any and all bombcasts with any sort of discussion of the movie Heat for me. I'm fairly sure their exists an episode in which they receive an email asking them if they prefer Die Hard or Heat which leads on to a discussion as to whether Heat is an action movie or not.

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I know the one you're talking about, it was early 2008, that much I know. It must be within the first 6 Giant Bombcasts (not APD podcasts)? I don't know exactly though.

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I think I'll just spend some time tomorrow going through the early APD and Bombcast episodes. It's interesting to see how the dynamic on the podcasts has changed since then.

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I had all of the bombcasts on my ipod, but the site switch led to me having to delete them all... but I can tell you it was one of the first four 'casts, including the APD ones.

The fella won an HD-DVD drive for his efforts.

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@psylah: He didn't end up winning. He was a runner-up.