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Spoilers are a contentious topic on this site and have been each time one of the staff mentions their issue or conception of spoilers on the podcast. This is especially the case when GOTY discussions role around and discussing endings, story twists, and late game developments are necessary to hash out their feelings and conclusions.

This is not about the validity of spoilers but an invitation for those in the community who want to the best of both worlds. Let me explain. I happen to be one for whom I could go without spoiler discussion in almost anything for a long time and not feel like I have lost much. I do love it when I can finally get around to talking about a game's ending or crazy twist but nonetheless, up until that point I love going into games as fresh as possible.

On the other hand I want in no way my feelings on spoilers to impact or stifle discussion of games on the GOTY feature that will be rolling out this coming week. The solution for me was something I greatly appreciated last year, which were people voluntarily putting spoiler timestamps in the respective podcast's comments section. This year I want to make it more explicitly known that this both respects people who do find spoilers important but in no way impacts those who do not.

I know this community is capable of great things and I trust we will come to each others aid and maximize our collective enjoyment of what I'm sure is one hell of a GOTY discussion. Therefore I want to both declare for myself, and I'm sure others, that this would be greatly appreciated but also feel free to post the time stamps here in addition to the comments section.