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So, I have been enjoying the gamespot gameplay podcast of late, and was thinking about it's convention of having guests on. Do you think that the Bombcast would benifit from having a regular rotation of guests from other sites / devs / communities, and if so, who would you suggest?

I guess I'm just hankering after a Jeff Gerstmann vs. Jim Sterling showdown...

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E3 Bombcasts.


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No thanks, unless the only guest is Brad Muir.

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no thank you

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Not in the regular bombcast, but definitely in an off spin cast.

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No, that's what the e3 madness is for.

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Jeff Gerstmann vs. Jim Sterling showdown...


It all depends on if they want to invite people on there or not. For my opinion, an occasional guest is pretty cool but a new one every week? Nah, I don't necessarily want that.

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I wouldn't mind seeing Danny O'Dwyer popping in, and of course Jeff Green is always welcome.

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I'd rather them have Dave and Drew on more often as opposed to bringing in outside guests.

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I agree with slayer more of alex drew dave or alexis would be better than guests

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Yes! They need more guests on there.

Some other people to shake things up a little bit, because the regular old bombcast seems like the crew is just phoning it in from time to time. That 2012 bombcast with Adam Sessler was one of my favorite casts that year.

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@craigieh28: I would love to see Jim Sterling on! Um, Jonathan Holmes, Max Scoville, Brian Altano, Anthony Gallegos, Tara Long......

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I think it could work if they were in seperate segements from the regular podcast. Keep the same format, but interject a half-hour with a guest.

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If only Johnny V was out of work...

That man never fails to make me laugh.

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I'd rather chew on broken glass than listen to Jim fucking Sterling.

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While I don't want them to have guests on regularly, I do think there have been a couple of guests that have been really interestng. Adam Sessler coming on right after his departure from G4 made for a really interesting podcast.

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Wouldn't mind them having Sessler on again. He was great the last time he was on.

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Sure. More Leigh Alexander please.

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Oh, Tara Long..

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Altano sent out a tweet earlier tonight asking if he could get a spot on the Bombcast. Somebody make this shit happen!