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The bombcast has definitely changed, how can it not after losing one of its major players? I can honestly say though, the past two had me laughing out loud again the first time since Ryan left us. Its a different feeling for sure but i am enjoying Drew being there and having Rorie on this week was great too. I'm glad the bombcast has continued and is adapting to a new setup, its not better for sure, but its not worse either, its different and that's okay.

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Drew has a bit to go before he is good at podcasting, but the others are definitely taking up the charge where Ryan's absence is felt. Like stated, it is definitely there, and you can hear on a weekly basis that the crew is still very hurt and still grieving, but... it's getting better. They don't know what to do yet because it all blind sided them. I don't blame them.

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I think I am having more trouble with Ryans death now than when it happened. At the time I accepted it as that kind of significant bad news life on occasion throws at you. But I miss the guy, even as I cheer the progress and depth GB has shown. No falter, but a lingering pain. Ryan of course never knew of my existence, but I had laughed way more than once behind his. The guy was a trip.

Oh well.

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I can't imagine anything that Ryan would want more regarding this site than us sticking with the Bombcast. He left the show in good hands and every week Jeff gets better at hosting. It's a different dynamic, but I can't help feeling that Ryan would find the new vibe hilarious.

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The first few weeks were a little off, I felt like they were trying to force it some, which is understandable given the pain they must have been going threw. I could tell in the latest jar time with Jeff that he still seemed to be going threw some stuff, also understandable given how close the two of them were. I feel like he has improved as a host (it took Ryan awhile to get really good at it too), and Rorie was a great addition this week. I'm thinking eventually they will hire someone to try and fill the void that Ryan and partially Patrick left. Obviously they have to be very careful about that though, and probably won't happen until next year.

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rorie needs to be the 5th dude and not a sub.

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All things considered, I think the show has gone remarkably well since Ryan's passing. It certainly feels like we're still in an adjustment period of sorts but the sheer chemistry between the Giant Bomb crew still holds up. Knowing how tough it must be for them still on a day to day basis I feel like for every new episode we get.

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I am surprised/impressed that the Bombcast (and the site) has continued without more issues, I mean I wouldn't have been surprised if the podcast had taken a hiatus for a bit. Drew adds a nice regular guy/Vinnie kind of vibe, and that his interests in sims and flight/racing stuff don't overlap much with the rest of the crew is a bonus.

if they keep putting out the podcasts and QLs, I'll keep listening and watching!

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Ryan was one of the best podcast host I have ever heard. He truly brought something special to the Giant Bombcasts. It's still my favorite video game podcast. The crew has been doing exceptional work.