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I'm 16 and Ive been trying to read up on game programming because i really want to do this as a job. but the only problem is i don't know where to start. Ive been trying to find programs that i can download and use but i have to buy them and the only one i found that was free was blender. but my main questions are what free programs can i get? where should i even start in game programming? what kinds of classes will i need to take in college to get good experience in game programming? and how hard is it to find a job in this major?

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You can probably find one somewere out there. 
Also, wrong section of the site.  

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well im trying to get help and i didnt know were to post it under

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@SupahJezus said:

well im trying to get help and i didnt know were to post it under

General discussion would have been fine.

Also, this might help.


1) To guys telling the kid that it's on the wrong forum, he gets it.

2) To the kid: It's a great thing you've picked something to do that has a great future application. I can't point you in a direction since I don't know much coding, but I can tell you to keep at it and persevere! You'll have to do a lot of figuring things out on your own, you'll have to go through a lot of frustration, but at the end of the day you'll have a new skill. Keep working at it!

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Off-Topic bro, not the podcast forum.

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Next time just ask a mod to move it. The mods are cool. Ask Sweep. And I answered you question on the the other thread sooooo to the general discussion!