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#1 Edited by BugleBaron (7 posts) -

 Too much free time. Thought I'd share...  
*For anyone who's interested I've uploaded the better hi-res version here
#2 Posted by addictedtopinescent (3645 posts) -

Very nice, saved

#3 Posted by Karmum (11519 posts) -

I actually like it a lot. Kudos to you. But where is Brad's sideburns, damnit?!?

#4 Posted by BugleBaron (7 posts) -
@Karmum:  DLC.
#5 Posted by Karmum (11519 posts) -
I'm not understanding the "DLC." Unless of course, you're referring to downloadable content, and it's some kind of joke.
If that is the case, you gave me a good laugh. ;)
Great picture, by the way.
#6 Posted by mracoon (4978 posts) -

Love it.

Moderator Online
#7 Posted by Daryl (1781 posts) -

Nice except Brad. 

#8 Posted by Mattalorian (594 posts) -

That's an awesome picture! I could easily see myself getting that printed as a real poster. :P

#9 Posted by c_rakestraw (854 posts) -

Nicely done.

#10 Posted by jim_dandy (891 posts) -


#11 Posted by DaFT_PLAyeRr (35 posts) -

That's kickass!

#12 Posted by Evilsbane (4738 posts) -

That is great! I want one

#13 Posted by alsnuts2 (675 posts) -
(chuckles) nice
#14 Posted by MeierTheRed (4941 posts) -

I hate it when you have to buy DLC for your posters, especially if its already on there.

#15 Posted by Gamer_152 (14109 posts) -

Cool poster. Nice work.

#16 Posted by nanikore (2740 posts) -
@BugleBaron:  Very nice. What program did you use?
#17 Posted by Ghostiet (5322 posts) -
@pornstorestiffi said:
" I hate it when you have to buy DLC for your posters, especially if its already on there. "

At least there are no notifications on it. Yet.
#18 Posted by ThomasP (1661 posts) -

That's pretty cool.

#19 Posted by BugleBaron (7 posts) -
@Karmum:  Indeed, trying to mask my sideburn prejudice with a DLC joke. 
@nanikore:  Illustrator. Plus a bit of a fiddle in Photoshop. 
Cheers for the other positive comments guys. I might go back and tweak Brad, add some side burns etc. Then post a link to a hi-res version if you fancied printing yourself out a copy. Plus this version seems to have some weird pixelated artifacts that aren't on the original. 
#20 Posted by DanielJW (4915 posts) -

That's awesome! :)

#21 Edited by BugleBaron (7 posts) -

Now with more sideburn action. (see original post) 

#22 Posted by Karmum (11519 posts) -

Still kind of hard to see Brad's burns, but not exactly the easiest thing to illustrate either. Still looks great!

#23 Posted by SaucySala (346 posts) -

This is amazing! I would pay money for this if it were available in a store

#24 Posted by Hamz (6846 posts) -

Good stuff!

#25 Posted by Rmack (1078 posts) -

I would also totally buy this. Simple and awesome.

#26 Posted by natetodamax (19219 posts) -

Way cool.

#27 Posted by Teptom (2047 posts) -

You certainly put all that free time to good use. Nicely Done!

#28 Posted by Skye (411 posts) -

That's awesome, how long did it take you?
Don't suppose you'll be selling it?

#29 Posted by AjayRaz (12476 posts) -

that's fantastic. nice job :) 

#30 Edited by Adziboy (702 posts) -

Ima gonna go print it off, but on A4, because I haven't got any A3 paper. I'll post pics of the pic. On my wall. I'll print off an A2 copy when I'm next at college... so... Jan 4th.
#31 Edited by VisariLoyalist (3000 posts) -

Looks like the front cover of some weird japanese game based on the bombcast.

#32 Posted by lemon360 (1102 posts) -

Looks cool. Though the faces seem off.

#33 Posted by Chaser324 (6744 posts) -

I sort of want to go get this professionally printed up as a poster. Excellent work.

#34 Posted by Mushir (2389 posts) -

That's pretty awesome man! You should print one out and send it to the crew. I'm sure they'd appreciate it, they might even hang it up.

#35 Posted by Jensonb (1769 posts) -

Awesome work!

#36 Posted by Tebbit (4485 posts) -

Thats pretty darned cool. :D

#37 Posted by Brutopian (75 posts) -

great stuff, love the minimalism

#38 Posted by MrJared (399 posts) -

How awesome is this? So awesome. You totally nailed their looks :)

#39 Posted by Satune (477 posts) -

I love it, great job on their faces.

#40 Posted by Kibblez (702 posts) -

Turn that into a desktop background!

#41 Posted by L33tfella_H (901 posts) -

Good Stuff Inc.

#42 Posted by LiquidPrince (16175 posts) -

That's great!
#43 Posted by Fezz (444 posts) -

That's awesome.

#44 Posted by Wildfire570 (719 posts) -

That is pretty freakin sweet! Great job dude 

#45 Posted by stephengotlost (703 posts) -

They should sell these and give you commission.

#46 Posted by Sweep (8976 posts) -

awesome sauce, great work duder :D

#47 Posted by JoelTGM (5596 posts) -

ahaha I love the little faces at the bottom

#48 Posted by Lydian_Sel (2501 posts) -

That's great! Should be a t-shirt for sure!!

#49 Posted by Cerza (1653 posts) -

Very nice. I am saving this baby. I might even have it printed. You should print one off and send it the GB crew.

#50 Posted by Tactical_Kill (1695 posts) -

That is really well done. Good job. Why not send one to the GB crew as a Christmas present.