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#51 Posted by Cleric22 (158 posts) -

I'm still a sucker for the 1970's police style theme

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#52 Posted by Griddler (3374 posts) -

Not keen.

Season 2>Christmas Version>Jazz Version>Season 1>Season 3>Season 4

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#53 Posted by Redhorn (255 posts) -

I love the new one. Is there an extended version of it somewhere? It's fucking great.

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#54 Posted by itspizza (472 posts) -

The more electronic themes have always been my favorite, so I do enjoy this one. I've liked every one except season 3 so far (ironically it was the one they had for the longest period of time).

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#55 Posted by Winternet (8396 posts) -

First impression: it's pretty cool.

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#56 Posted by MX (296 posts) -

I really like the Kavinsky vibe they hit with the Intro of this seasons theme song.

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#57 Posted by johncallahan (845 posts) -

I think Bombcast themes are kind of like Mario Kart games. Your first is your favorite. In this case I think S3 is my favorite. I think S2 might be the best though. This new one is fantastic.

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#58 Posted by notdavid (873 posts) -

I love it, but it seems really familiar. Did they use it for E3 or something before?

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#59 Posted by MooseyMcMan (12529 posts) -

I don't like it. Give me back the rocking one! Or even jazzy one!

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#60 Posted by SirOptimusPrime (2043 posts) -

3 > 2 > Holiday stuff > the rest.

In reality though, I get annoyed of podcast intro music after the first few episodes. I haven't listened to that song at the beginning of MBMBaM since, like, the first time I listened to it.

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#61 Posted by endoworks (343 posts) -

It's chill!

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#62 Posted by wafflestomp (294 posts) -

@g6065: Hey guys, glad you like the theme. It's an original song that I wrote back in '08. We like to change it up every year, it always causes a bit of controversy but overall people seem to like it. Personally I love changing it up and giving it a different feel. One day I would love to record the SKA version with John Drake, Eric Pope, Chainsaw, and Caleb (The Giant Bomb Players).

It's really cool to hear other people's version of the song. I have heard it Holiday-ized, Dubstep, Jazz, Orchestrated, Funked out, all sorts of crazy in VidRhythm. It's a great feeling when people latch on to something you wrote, like the theme & 8-Bit Break Music. Giant Bomb has the best community.

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#63 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

Totally fine.

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#64 Posted by ProfessorEss (7952 posts) -

I like it.

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#65 Posted by Legion_ (1718 posts) -

I hated it.

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#66 Posted by Wemibelle (2358 posts) -

Having hated every theme since the first one, I'm glad that this one is at least tolerable to listen to. It doesn't really matter to me, since I always scrub past it anyways.

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#67 Posted by OldGuy (1666 posts) -

I liked the "Cop Show" version best, but this is good...

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#68 Posted by Luca717 (237 posts) -

i really like the new one, and the 2012 game of the year ones are great for what they used it for, not sure if id like it every week

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#69 Posted by Fattony12000 (8243 posts) -


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#70 Posted by Uhtaree (725 posts) -

It's aight. They get stale so change is good in this case I think.

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#71 Posted by RTSlord (1234 posts) -

love it

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#72 Posted by deactivated-57d4cf64585b7 (535 posts) -

I love the Jazz from the GOTY stuff. Though I am not up to date on the cast at all. So I have not heard the newest theme.

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#73 Posted by psylah (2291 posts) -

It sounds like some Velvet Eden business....

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#74 Posted by Harkat (1171 posts) -

Best one since Season 2's.

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#75 Posted by WickedCobra03 (2236 posts) -

Definitely the 2nd season, and then the holiday theme right behind it. The new one isn't terrible, I think I just have a lot of memories that go along with the 2nd season intro.

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#76 Posted by rentfn (1393 posts) -

It's ok. I'm sure it will grow on me. It's been said before but the Ska Version from PAX East is the best

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#77 Posted by kagato (1161 posts) -

I dont like it, but it lasts only a few seconds so i dont really care, i actually prefer when the dudes talk about random nonsense, the video game parts i can take or leave lol

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#78 Posted by thirt13n (21 posts) -

Loving it! Reminds me of the Doctor Who theme song.

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#79 Posted by roninenix (191 posts) -

Is there a download for this theme? an extended or full version. Haven't read through each page yet to see if there was.

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#80 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1188 posts) -

I love the new theme and is probably my second favorite next to season 01's.

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#81 Edited by barberforce (169 posts) -

Hey Guys,

I've made a iphone ringtone of the new theme. I'm rubbish at uploading etc. So if someone kindly wants to do it for me? If so PM me and i'll email it over to you.

Living the Dream!!!!!!


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#82 Posted by jakob187 (22916 posts) -

The previous Bombcast theme really did it for me. It took me a little bit to get used to, but it's the only Bombcast theme to me now.

The new one is too busy and starts on a bit of an off-beat, so it takes me a second to get into the groove. It just doesn't fit. Oh well.

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#83 Posted by Nightriff (7082 posts) -

Love it, second favorite out of the main themes but god damn is the holiday ones something special

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#84 Posted by light_grenade (128 posts) -

While I like the new sound. I think the VidRhythm one is still the greatest.

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Ham3ter created a great one as well.

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#85 Posted by Gamer_152 (14474 posts) -

I love the new theme. Can't get enough of it.

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#86 Posted by josecuervo (7 posts) -

Season two definitely the best, this one is one of the poorest, it may grow on me tho

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#87 Posted by Abendlaender (3055 posts) -

I love the new theme, in my opinion it's the best so far

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#88 Posted by gla55jAw (2776 posts) -

I really like the new one a lot. I think it's my overall favorite. The original and 2nd one still hold a special place though. The one before the new one...meh.

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#89 Posted by Choffy (484 posts) -

It's alright. My favorite has always been the "special edition" theme though.

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#90 Posted by JaredA (851 posts) -

I just listened to the theme from season two and that shit is goooooood!

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#91 Posted by Philedius (227 posts) -

Don't really like it, but I thought the same about the last theme and I got used to that one. But I think the second one is my favourite, though.