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Ryan will probably be openly sobbing, Vinny will be cheery and consoling him. Like a father holding his 2 year old boy who's upset about the recently acquired scrape on his knee. There will be many jokes to be had. They'll probably get the live show going at some point, but it'll be fun to listen to Ryan and the rest of the team's long verbal equivalent of a sigh next week.

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Yeah, next week's Bombcast is going to be solid gold of the highest grade.

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Is this a veiled no Patrick thing?

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Is this a veiled no Patrick thing?

Uh...what? Not at all.

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@fawkes said:

Oh my god.

At least something good came out of this situation.

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Of course. I mean "next week's worst-case scenario would still be better than this week's best-case scenario", right?

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Why would would we need to wait until next week though? I know their stuff got stolen, but why not run to Best Buy or somewhere, get some mics, and put up some E3 podcasts? For sites in general, it seem like they'd have better coverage by staying at home and writing articles rather than going there. The only bonus we get are interviews, which are boring 90% of the time since the other person rarely talks openly.