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I decided to try my hand at the whole gb theme thing after listening to the new one and not liking it so much.

I took a simple one acoustic guitar approach, mainly because that's all i have. But i think it worked out okay, let me know what you guys think.

#2 Posted by SSully (4723 posts) -

I think it's pretty cool, but not for a GB theme. I like how you have undertones of the theme, but it's not recognizable enough for me to think of it as a bombcast theme. Despite that though cool guitar work either way.

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Way better than I could ever do, though I think if it was easier to hear the main tune it would be better. Either way great job duder!

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That sucks balls, like sperm whale sized testicles compared to the new theme. It's so slow. Sounds like I retired to the countryside to die instead of getting ready to listen to some real motherfuckin video game talk.

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It's a nice little tune, but I'm not sure any of it resonates with Giantbomb. This is the true GB theme song of legend:

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@TooWalrus: Now and always.

Neat work with the acoustic version though.